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Mid LeBlanc vs. Fizz/LeBlanc/AP Master Yi

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Duane Barry

Senior Member


vs. Fizz: I've read that LeBlanc is a good counter for Fizz, but I still have a lot of trouble. Having not played Fizz yet, I am wondering how to counter him effectively. Generally, the only way I do damage is by trying to catch him off-guard, immediately after having used his jump-up-in-the-air/avoid damage spell.

vs. LeBlanc: I rarely play another LeBlanc, but when I do, we both usually stand pretty far back, playing it safe. Any experienced LB players have tips for confusing and taking advantage of another LeBlanc?

Lastly, vs. Master Yi: Generally, I use two strategies:1) if they are keeping me from farming, harass from afar until I can flash/burst/kill them with half hp and claim the lane for farming or 2) farm the lane and eventually burst the opposing mid down from full health. With Yi, though, harassing is useless because he meditates, but he also keeps me from farming so I don't wind up with the gold to be able to kill him from full hp either. I don't play against him very often but any advice would be appreciated from an AP Yi player. Thanks!

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Junior Member


On Fishboy: Only real advice I can give is do what you do. Wait for his combo (lane phase still, late game he can most likely one - three shot you) Then w him, q, e stun and keep auto then just burst him down with continual harrass from q while staying somewhat near tower to counter his q.

Another LB: What I usually do if I am mid against a Kassadin, LB, Ziggs or any heavy insane burst ap caster mid is start MR. I use flat AP runes as my page (everything flat) and it balances out. The MR will allow you to take more hits than them essentially. But other than that, just play it safe.

AP Yi: This is the most annoying reverse champ chem ever. The only real way to counter him besides MR would be to steal his blue at the beginning. A good mid AP Yi will alaways insist on Energy or no mana jungler so he can have blue buff. the key of course is being able to interpret this. Nowadays I really only see ap yi but he is never mid. What many people dont get is AP yi NEEDS mid lane farm and xp gain. He has to get up in lvls and gold faster than almost anyone else on the team just because he doesnt have steady damage like AD Yi. Also if you have a jungler, insist on frequent ganks so AP Yi burns mana with e more frequently.

Anyways hope this helped. Add me if you want and Ill show you my rune pages or something. toodaloo haha