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Why do I keep getting disconnected?

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Senior Member


I don't get it. I randomly get disconnect at some point in a game, it then refuses to let me reconnect for a rather long time.
I can stream music, browse the web and even go on youtube with no problems, it's just that i can't reconnect to games or even visit the leagueoflegends.com website, when restarting the game the launcher says unavailable and none of the news will load.

It's been like this since the Hecarim patch and it's getting really frustrating to get thrown out of a game that I'm winning just to reconnect and see that my team was getting beaten. (I was a 20/7 Ez the latest time).

I did a Speedtest check during my disconnect, using a server in Miami:

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Shtupid Cow

Junior Member


I've been having this problem recently. Probably for the past 2 weeks tops. I can enter a game fine, it's all well for the first maybe 10 minutes, then I notice the game getting really sluggish. After the sluggishness comes a disconnect. I can also browse the web, watch videos, everything else but play League of Legends.