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Champion Creation Tips v3

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Do like this champion I dont know what happened to my other post

Edit: Sorry forgot link http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4620173&highlight=bakar

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I have two things to say..One, I didn't read this because my brain nearly exploded on the table of contents ( I do like reading but this is like school :P) And Two, almost everyone of your posts is extraordinarily long, which isn't a bad thing its just something i noticed lol.

Yep, when you're handling remarkably complex concepts it can take awhile to divulge mass amounts of information. To be perfectly honest, the only reason many of the posts are as short as they are is due to enforcing a strict 30,000 character limit per topic =P

And yes, oddly enough, it's actually written as though it were a lecture to students, including references to "the class" frequently.
Well read it then

It's the best resource ever.

I've only managed to read through the whole thing twice *-*

Perhaps true for now, I dunno, but not for long! *GASP!*

No, no v4 on the way, but I'm starting up a youtube channel shortly which will cover a large amount of detail on things like world design, game design, character design, human rights issues, creative writing, literary tools, as well as an updated narration of the v3 guide in full to be released over time.

I'll keep you guys updated when it goes up. For now, I'm trying to amass a bit of content before I actually put anything onto the channel. Busy recording a bunch of segments and polishing them up with some editing so that I can just dump down a bunch of videos in a row and hopefully maintain something like 3 videos/week. I'd like to somehow get all the way up to 1/day, but I honestly doubt that's realistic while working as a novel editor and pumping out news articles on the side right now.

Still, I hope to have the first few videos being released within a week or two (because I stick to my deadlines, right...) so look forwards to even more information. If you think the current v3 guide is in depth, you haven't even begun to see the tip of the iceberg of what I can cover on a topic like literary tools or world design. The creation tips guide will be child's play compared to what I'll be getting into on the youtube channel. ^.^

Anyway, with that in mind, my apologies Ryalord, with holding essentially two jobs and using my spare time to add new content for everyone in general, I'm not really holding onto a lot of time at the moment for things like champion reviews, sorry... I'd like to say I can get back to you ASAP, but realistically, it might be a few months with how my schedule looks. Sorry!

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Well heck, I'm new here but I'm gonna post anyway. Katsuni, I'm really impressed by your skill and knowledge about gaming. I'm actually inspired by you, being a creative gamer myself. I also cared enough to read your "About the Author" post, and once again, I'm inspired. I could relate to how you feel about not being wanted and not having anyone care for you by just "being yourself", I actually agree that the whole "be yourself" thing is a scam. Anyways... recently I decided to make a champion but was too shy to let it be known; either that or I'm a perfectionist, hehe. I read your guide about champion creation, and did my best to polish, perfect, polish, perfect, polish and perfect again. I don't know if my champion is "good" or not, I simply cannot find any other way to improve my champion, that and because I couldn't find anything useful as regards to my champion. But I do know that the only way possible is by letting it be known. And I think you deserve to be the first to read my champion. You deserve it because you have an amazing life story, amazing, and because you're the one that really pushed me to go above and beyond when designing my champion. So as a little special gift to you, here's my champion. Of course, you can review it. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com...7#post49515687 (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=49515687#post49515687)

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I read over some stuff and I want to say I really found this helpful, and with your amazing guidelines I reworked a champion that I made like years ago... and I was wondering if you're willing to give him a look over. I am also making another ^_^