[Champion concept] Raven, the shadow song Please read!

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Feel free to put your awesome ideas for new champs and hopefully riot will read these and consider!

here is my idea though.

Gender: Male
Race: Human

a rogue character that can sneak around based around attack speed and critz. His abilities would be rogue based.

Passive: poison, after being out of combat for 10 seconds he coats his daggers with poison dealing 20 damage over 15 seconds on your next hit.

Ability one: back stab, stabs the enemy target with your blade doing a critical strike if you are behind the target.

Ability two: puncture, hits the enemy target in a pressure point stunning and dealing minor damage.

Ability three:
vanish, you fall into the shadows for 3 seconds with +50 movement speed and unseen but unable to attack until it is over. a get a getaway ability.

Ultimate: Stealth, your champion turns invisible for thirty seconds, if he hits an enemy target it will do a guaranteed crit, if you hit them with a back stab not only a guaranteed crit but also 100 bonus damage.

All of these are the abilities at their lowest level.

Look: here is a link of what he may look like.
three additional notes.
they have duel daggers blade side down.
they are blind (maybe with a bandana over his eyes)
they HAVE to where a hood no exceptions.

If you read this feel free to change anything. This took me like a day to think up so please don't just pass it by. thanks!