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[CHALLENGE] Advertise Items Here

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Do you want AP?
Do you want tenacity?
Do you hate movement speed?
Thought you were forever cursed to buy Merc Treads every game?



Now there is a easy affordable item for you, without all that pesky viability.

See these testimonials...

Garen: That's a real item? I thought Lux was making that up...

Jax: What are you doing in my house! Get out!

Trundle: This item is probably the best item ever to have been created. Not using this is... oh god, even I can't stoop this low. Don't bu (feed cut)

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Look to your left
Now back to me
Look next to your right
Then back to me.

Tired of getting picked on?
Missed that last hit for that pentakill?

Solved that problem with the ALMIGHTY GUARDIAN ANGEL!

For three easy payment for a total of 1200 gold for a 2600 gold worth item, this fabulous additional to your arsenal will give you that extra edge and second chance you can't find on the Field of Justice.

Here are reviews from satisfied customers:

(Jax): I once saw Nidalee taking a bath in Baron pit. I would have regretted that if I didn't had my Guardian Angel. Totally worth it.

(Shen): ..... It helps me fly.

(Ashe): I was ambushed by Garen while coming back to lane. Did he regretted that after my Guardian Angel revived me.

(Ezreal): Whenever I lane with Taric, I have no idea what he does to my body after I die. One day, I bought my Guardian Angel and caught him trying to drag my body to a brush. I'm still angry with Taric and glad I bought this great product.

If you're not satisfied with your Guardian Angel purchase, you can refund for no extra fee or questions asked. So call now to finally get the Teemo that killed you with his shrooms.

The usage of Guardian Angel is restricted to League use only.Restrictions may apply.See stories for detail.

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Hey you there. Running out of mana spamming Mystic Shot all the time? Too exhausted to fire that one last missile at the 20 hp Ashe? Just feel like you're wasting your mana trying to harass that Teemo?

Have we got a solution for you. Back by popular demand, It's the Manamune! Never again will you run out of mana for that important kill shot, and increase the damage you do as well.

And as an added bonus, we'll not only give you the manamume, which already offers 400 mana, and 20 attack damage, but we also will enchant the item for no cost, increasing your mana every time you attack and cast your abilities. Also for a limited time, we'll increase that bonus attack damage by 2% of your max mana, so you can be sure you shale be doing tons of damage.

Just listen to these valuable testimonies.

Now my Hammer never stops transforming!
-Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

Now I can always Make It Rain.
-Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Parrrely everyday! And with those crits from Trinity, no filthy landlubbers shale be left alive!
-Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

Even I find this item helpful when trying to eat those pesky snacks...I mean Teemos.
-Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver

So pick up yours now for only 2100 Gold. Buy it now, and we'll throw in a free Muramana when you reach 750 bonus mana! You'd be losing money not buying such a wonderful tool.

Buy now!

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You're summoning as Alister and you just can't get close enough to that pesky Miss Fortune?

Hecarim just a little too weak for you?

You just want to go REALLY fast?

Boy, have I got a deal for YOU!

BOOTS! They're like hats for your feet that actually do something! You put them on and you start to FLY!

BETTER YET! THEY UPGRADE!!! For a limited time you can EVEN UPGRADE TWICE!

You heard me right, folks. TWICE! Those Mercury Treads not quite fast enough? Get some Alacrity and run like Draven, with STYLE! Your team's too slow for ya, Rammus? Be a BOSS and get the Captain's boots!

So many styles to choose from now until Riot is done nerfing Irellia. Get yours before its too late!

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Have you ever thought "Man, my attacks are so damn slow!"?

Has the idea of ignoring collision contact been the best idea ever?

Is that Twitch always somehow faster than you?

Well have I got a product for you! Straight from the depths of the shop's highest shelves comes the Phatom Dancer.

Now you can equip the power of the double sword right from your finger tips. Take down that 30 minion wave in 10 seconds flat, run after that Teemo even with those pesky shrooms, and did we mention it also can help you strike a critical hit? Yea..it's just that awesome.

Just listen to these wonderful quotes about the Phantom Dancer's power.

"Now that I have these blades, that damn rat can't get away from my choppah!."
-Sion, the Undead Champion.

"Now I can wield the power of the double swords to dunk everyone a thousand times over!"
-Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman.

"Even I can't complain about it."
-Soraka, the Starchild.

So are you tired of building 400 damage and still not doing any true damage? Then pick up the Phantom Dancer now for only 2800 gold. But wait...if you trade in your old Zeal in, well give you a discount off of the product. That's right, for only 1600 gold, you can own your very own Double Blades.