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Why is "first time" champs allowed in ranked?

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People just don't go 24-5 the first time they play a champion and you are part of some small percentage of players who do.

This is a continuous thing. I just got out of a game where an Olaf jungle on my team admits it is his 2nd time, he goes 3/11 - We are down 5 towers, 1 baron, 3 dragons and 20 kills.

I put in a surrender. Our and Olaf and Caitlyn don't surrender, why? Because they are playing the champs for the 1st and 2nd time and need practice.

So myself and 2 other players are stuck sitting around for an additional 15 minutes so that these 2 guys can practice playing their champs.

I've seen Varus probably 7-8 times today. Aside from 1 guy who went 7-4. Every other Varus was less than 5 kills and 10 or more deaths.

So yeah, I'm mad. I'm mad that I can get trolled like that and I'm stuck dealing with it when actions could be taken to prevent at least this form of trolling.