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Issues getting disconnected/trying to reconnect

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Hello everyone, I haven't used the forums on here yet but today I encountered a problem when I was loading my first game of the day. I had made it through champ selection and had progressed to the loading screen where I had completely loaded the game but then got disconnected from said game(unintentionally, I have never intentionally disconnected from a game).

I found this rather odd because I have never once been disconnected. I thought it was no big deal and tried to reconnect......to no avail. I tried to reconnect soo many times; and until just now had to deal with not being able to connect to the game I was trying to play so badly and additionally not being able to just log in and play a new match. Instead I was forced to sit there and wait until said game was finished.

Now I understand that that works well with discouraging players from disconnecting or going into ragequit/sobquit mode, however it is really discouraging to just want to play and enjoy the game when I was unable to do either.

FYI--I don't expect this post to change anything regarding the issue of having to reconnect to a game which you just disconnected from before said game was finished. I simply wanted to share my experience and sympathize with others you have experienced such scenarios as well.....and to vent.

I also want to see how this has affected other players and what they think could/should be done about this. And yes, I have thought that this was perhaps just one freak accident that didn't allow me to reconnect, but I just want feedback from other people and what they think about it.