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This is basically a bunch of relatively short stories detailing relationships (not necessarily romantic) between different champions in the League.
It started out in the crack relationships thread (it's full of great stuff! go read it here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1572468), but I felt kinda bad flooding the entire thread. Therefore, I'm exporting the stories that I have, as well as some that didn't make it to the thread, here.

Updated champions list is here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2601335

Fanfiction.net link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8044996/1/Relationships (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/redirect.php?do=verify&redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fanfiction.net%2Fs%2F8044996%2F1%2FRelationships)

And without further ado, here they are.
His Last Command

Being a statue, Galio didn't sleep. He had no reason for it. He required no physical rest. He also didn't need any of the other things other champions required, such as food, amusement, and *ahem* physical activities. His purpose was to guard and protect whomever his master had decreed, and with that task eternally unfinished in the demise of the great Durand, the living stone had nothing to do.

Nothing besides dwelling upon his past failures, that is.

A quiet forest with a beat path winding through it. A small caravan, with a dozen Demacian soldiers standing guard over an old man, wise and weathered, as well as his stone gargoyle.

The absolute picture of peace.

Disrupted when twenty of Noxus' assassins stepped out of the forest, arrows and swords flashing, men screaming, dying.

In only two seconds, the Demacian escort- annihilated. The Noxians- only 2 with flesh wounds. A statue, standing protectively over the quivering form of his master.

The Noxians charged.

"Master", Galio growled as he blocked a spear. "Get out of here. These Noxians-" Galio abruptly stopped as he suddenly hurled himself to the side, knocking over his master, but in the process, hurling him out of the way of an otherwise fatal arrow.

Galio turned to face his master, the great craftsman Durand. "Master, are you alright?"

"I'm-" Durand's voice, before this so strong, deep, powerful, suddenly stopped as his eyes widened, and Galio turned behind him. He saw a Noxian assassin with a broadsword leap into the air, to finish the statue and his master.

At least he was about to, and one of the gargoyle's wings arced to Galio's side before firmly smacking the would-be killer a good 10 feet to Galio's right, before he hit a tree with bone-shattering impact.

A cough behind him. A small thud as a body hit the ground.

Galio turned around in horror. A thin and scarred face stared back at him, his beloved master in front of him, pierced by the dual rapiers held by the killer's face.

"Regards from the Ducoteau family," the man said as he jumped- assisted by magic- above the trees, Galio losing sight within seconds.

Galio simply watched, as his master's lifeblood ebbed out onto the grass. Then-

A lithe fox, white lustrous coat, runs up to his master. It's obviously no threat as it whines and pokes at Durand anxiously. Galio watches as Durand's face slowly melds into a smile, and as he lifts his hand, summoning the last of his magic, and the fox slowly... changes. Into a Human female, but with 9 tails, and a distinctly shaped face. She runs off into the forest. He thought nothing of the encounter.

Galio turned back, touching his master's face.

"Galio," whispered his dying master. "

Galio leaned in closer.

"Protect..." Durand gurgled- blood coming out of his mouth. He fall silent, his last command unfinished. But Galio still will fulfill that last command to the best of his ability.

"I will protect," Galio said stoicly.

Protect... Galio mused over in his head. His master's final command. But what could it possibly mean? At the time, he'd assumed to protect Durand's broken body, but perhaps...

Just then, he heard the bell tolling. A new champion had been admitted into the league. Galio's mind simply processed the information- he was stone, and could outlast any of these mortals. He couldn't care less.

Or so he told himself.

Galio, nursing melancholy thoughts, still ended up slowly flying towards the judging chamber.
Ahri walked into the judging chamber, slowly, sure in her knowledge. Seducing a summoner to know what occurred here was simple, and it appeared the room only replayed a certain memory of yours. Easy, and worth it to enter the League.

She entered the absolute darkness, only to suddenly see again. It is a forest, split by a small dirt path, where an absolute slaughter is occurring. Ah- so they chose this memory to 'test' her with.

She recalled all of the events with clarity- her running away at the first sight of blood, coming back once things were quiet. She remembered seeing the stone statue, oddly placed at a path in a faraway forest, and the dying man bleeding out in its shade.

She feeling the pain, sadness, the sorrow, running up to the man in curiosity. She remembered admiring his beautiful body, the beautiful crafted bodies of all the people around her.

She remembered wishing she had a body like that.

Then, she remembered the agony and pain of the transformation. And the astonishment. She ran in fear. Her fox mate didn't recognize her. She ran, far, quickly, sobbing all the while.

She remembered her first mating, her first kill, her first soul, the beginnings of her guilt.

She endured the question, answered what was expected of her ("To become truly human&quot, and walked into the light.

The first thing she saw was a floating gargoyle of all things. It seemed familiar... like she'd just seen it- a massive stone gargoyle... didn't her judgement have one?

Galio floated to the entrance, just as the doors were starting to open. He sees a human female with distinct foxlike features, and her segmented tails. Could this be... the woman his master had changed?

Could this be the person who his master had meant with his last words?

Galio now knew what Durand meant when he said, "Protect". He saw the delicate features of the woman before him, and knew that although she was powerful, she was fragile, and had foes who wished to harm her.

Just like his master.

And Galio would follow his master's last command to the last letter.


Fire and Ice

The Institute of War was divided into 4 residential sections: the Western wing for Demacia and her allies, the Eastern wing for Noxus and her allies, the Northern wing for neutral countries, and the Southern wing for the Summoners.

However, a design oversight resulted in the Eastern and Northern wings sharing a corridor to the main building. The corridor, although ornately decorated and quite wide, had been the scene of more than one tense standoff.

It was though this corridor where Ashe was thinking, as she slowly meandered her way to the Mess hall for the morning's breakfast, a thoughtful, yet extremely sad expression on her face.

Ashe wanted children. It wasn't simply because Freljord needed an heir, but simply for the contentment of seeing little bundles of joy bounce around the Freljord palace. She and Tryndamere had been trying for a few months now, but Ashe still hadn't concieved. In desperation they had sought out a doctor, and the result was something any aspiring young mother dreads to hear.

Ashe was barren.

Ashe simply couldn't conceive. There would be no children running around, no heir.

She was devastated.

Ashe had sat sobbing in the bed that the royal couple shared that night, Tryndamere trying but failing to calm her. He'd finally managed to convince her to perhaps, eat some breakfast. Maybe she'd feel better.

Yeah, right.

But Ashe, playing the dutiful wife, obeyed her husband, got up, made herself semi-presentable (at least Tryndamere said she was beautiful as ever), and slowly made her way out of the Northern wing.

As she thought her melancholy thoughts, Ashe slowly became aware of intense crying coming from far off into the distance. Her ears twitched, and she began to retrace her steps back to where the corridors diverged, one leading to the Northern wing, and one leading to the Eastern.

It was here that Ashe realized the crying was coming from the Eastern wing, as well as a distinct wail.

"Waahhhh, Tibbers!"

That could only mean one thing. Annie was in trouble.

Suddenly breaking into a sprint, Ashe ran towards the commotion, garnering wary looks from other champions who'd ignored Annie's plight.

After running what seemed like miles through the Black and Red hallways, Ashe came to find Annie's room, where the noise was coming from. There, she found a horrifying sight.

Katarina and Shaco were tossing Tibbers in teddy bear form between them, with Annie scurrying around trying to catch him, but Katarina and Shaco simply tossed him again. Judging by the scorch marks around the room, Annie had tried tossing fireballs, but it seemed Katarina and Shaco had just teleported out of the way. Tears were streaming out of Annie's now red eyes, while Shaco and Katarina were laughing- cackling in the case of Shaco.

None of them noticed Ashe. That is, until Ashe's hand swiped upwards and snatched Tibbers out of the air before Katarina could catch it.

Katarina turned around, preparing to see Cassiopeia join in the fun, but narrowed her eyes as she realized who'd come to ruin her fun.

"Frost Archer," she spat out, "What gives you the right to trespass in Noxus' quarters?"

Ashe's eyes narrowed as well, giving her the appearance of a hawk. "How about the torture of a little girl."

The two women glared at each other, emerald to sapphire, for what seemed like hours but was really minutes until Katarina uttered a short "bah" and stomped out of the room. Shaco, likewise muttered something about ruining fun, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Annie, however, was sitting on the ground, staring up at Ashe with wide emerald eyes, before starting to sob quietly. Ashe knelt down and gently gave Annie Tibbers and fished around for a hankerchief, before finding a small piece of cloth on Annie's table and handing it to the little girl, trying to stop her tears.

Annie stopped after two minutes, although she still sniffled a bit. She looked up at Ashe again. "They come here every morning Miss Ashe..." she said. "Every morning, they come and take my Tibbers!" With that, Annie burst into tears again, with Ashe having to find another cloth to dry Annie's tears with, seeing as the last one was already soaked. Finding a second one, Ashe knelt by the little girl and patted her back at the same time, crooning nonsensical words, desperately trying to calm the girl down.

Annie was still trying to force words out. "They, they *sniff* 're gonna come *sniffle* tomorrow morn *sniffs* morning too..." Tears still streamed down Annie's face.

Trying to think of something that would make Annie calm down, Ashe said, "Well I could take Tibbers to my quarters in the Northern wing, and those meanies won't be able to get at him then."

Annie's eyes widened as her tears abruptly stopped. "really?" she asked in a high pitched voice.

Ashe nodded. "really," she said with finality.

Annie brightened up immediately. "Thanks so much that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done here I love you you're awesome the awesomeest person ever and- wait." Annie now scrunched up her brow deep in thought. "I can't sleep without Tibbers."

Annie thought some more, before looking up again. "Can I sleep in your quarters tonight Miss Ashe?"

Ashe, still trying to sort out the massive amount of words Annie had thrown at her moments before, suddenly froze. "Okay... sure, come up after dinner, alright?"

"Yayyyy! Thanks Miss Ashe!" Annie exclaimed as she skipped down the hallways, smiles on her face- so happy she started scorching the floor beneath her.
That evening, Tryndamere, after a night of drinking, opened the doors to the bedroom he shared with Ashe.

The first thing he saw was a pile of slightly scorched bedsheets in a corner.

The second thing he saw was two figures curled up together on the bed.

He was about to yell at Ashe for cheating on him, when he realized the second figure was much too small for Ashe to cheat on, unless she was into midgets.

He threw open the curtains, and allowed the moonlight so shine in. What he saw was a sight that could melt any man's heart, even of the heart of a ruthless barbarian king.

Ashe was sitting up on a pillow, holding Annie tightly, with a contented smile on her face. Annie was quietly drooling, her face resting on Ashe's chest, but with one arm- holding Tibbers- slung around Ashe's neck, and the other tugging on a lock of Ashe's silver hair.

But what really put the icing on the cake was the words Annie were muttering in her sleep.

"I love you mommy."

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awesome work!!!!

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Faces in the Night

Akali was walking towards her quarters after her evening meditations. She was currently stalking though the Piltover hallway, lined with techmaturgical devices so commonly made and pioneered in the techmaturgically advanced city. The plaques on the doors led to rooms occupied by certain heroes of Piltover- there was Ezreal, behind that door rested Janna, and one only needed a nose to smell the experiments taking place behind the somewhat melted and beaten door of Heimerdinger.

As Akali continued down the hallway, unconsciously melding with the shadows, she began to hear something. Akali stopped in confusion. The sounds became clearer. A quiet sniffling in the background. That, and repeated words, murmured so quietly they were almost unhearable, and certainly undecipherable.

Akali was about to continue onwards- due to the nature of the champions of the league, nightmares were common (Kassadin came to mind)- but she realized which door she had stopped in front of.

The plaque read:


Odd, Akali thought, Why would the sheriff have such nightmares?

Akali pushed the door open, and was greeted with the sight of Caitlyn in her bedclothes, huddled in a corner, staring out with wide eyes. Tears dripped from her brown eyes, her brunette hair spilling everywhere as she repeated the words Akali heard outside.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

Akali blinked in confusion. The Sheriff, usually cool and collected in the battlefield, was a broken, suffering woman in the darkness of her own room.

Caitlyn looked up, and seemed to notice Akali for the first time. "A-Akali? What are you doing here?" Caitlyn at her hands. "Are you here to punish me?"

Akali stepped forwards, hand held up in a non-threatening gesture and flipped on the light switch, saying "No, I'm not here to punish you- I just heard you from outside. What's wrong?"

"Their blood..." Caitlyn held up her right hand in horror. "It's right there."

Akali now knew what was happening. "Those people you had to kill in the past? They had to die."

"No!" Caitlyn shouted, "you don't understand!" Her voice dropped back down to a hoarse whisper. "There was a man."

Caitlyn's eyes closed as she relived the memory. "A man, name was Jonathan Cid. He was blackmailing, sending death threats, bending rules in unacceptable ways. I confronted him late one night."

Caitlyn's voice slowly rose in pitch as her tale continued. "He refused to listen, and pulled a pistol. I shot him."

Akali moved forwards, putting her hand on Caitlyn's shoulder, trying to do anything to stop Caitlyn's suffering, but Caitlyn pushed her away, to continue, "The next morning, they brought him out of his office. It looked like a murder."

Caitlyn was almost screeching at this point. "His children asked me to avenge his death and kill his murderer!"

Looking at her hands in newfound disgust, Caitlyn's eyes opened again, letting out another flood of tears. "There are others of those stories. Hundreds." She looked at Akali with widened eyes. " I'm a murderess. No better than the scum I hunt. And the ones that I... murder... haunt me, every day."

Akali slowly walked over to Caitlyn, putting her hands on Caitlyn's shoulders. "This was my first lesson as the Fist of Shadow. We do that which must be done."

Even as Caitlyn shook her head, Akali continued. "Tell me, would this... Cid, have ruined other people's buisnesses?" Caitlyn slowly nodded. "Did he kill anyone?" Caitlyn nodded again. "Would he have killed you?" Caitlyn shook her head, "No! That's... that's not the point. I still killed someone, a loving father, with two beautiful daughters, a strong, married son. Those faces, too, chase me." Caitlyn looked down again, unable to face Akali's gaze. "They all-"

Akali grabbed Caitlyn's head, forcing her to look into her eyes. "And who would've haunted you if you hadn't? The innocents he would've killed." Caitlyn slowly nodded, tears still slowly dripping, but stopping. "We do that which must be done. We both understand that."

Caitlyn slowly nodded. "Yes... it may not feel good, but... it had to happen." Caitlyn took a deep breath, calming herself. "I-I'm feeling a bit better now."

Akali, nodded, taking that for a dismissal. She opened the door and turned off the lights, gazing one last time at Caitlyn- who was slowly clambering into bed- and closed the door, only to hear a strangled choke. After opening the door hurriedly and turning on the lights with a flick of her wrist, Akali saw Caitlyn. Said sheriff couldn't even breath, and it appeared she was trying to fend off something with her right hand, and attempting to pry something off her neck with her left. Akali took a leap forwards, wrenching Caitlyn's hand off of her neck, making sure Caitlyn knew she was there. Caitlyn immediately relaxed.

Then came the words. "I can't sleep without someone. Someone who's here- someone who can show me what's true and what isn't." Akali blinked in surprise as Caitlyn continued. "Can you... stay the night?"

Akali thought for a second. After all, this occasion would be quite awkward. However, she remembered her own motto.

We do that which must be done.

Akali nodded, with a quick ,"yes". She twisted her body, pulling out a rug she carried with her at all times, and prepared to spend the night in meditation on Caitlyn's floor. She turned out the lights, and Caitlyn gasped again. Akali's eyes, before closed in her search for inner peace, immediately shot open, before standing up, taking a step, and putting her hand on Caitlyn's shoulder. Caitlyn took a deep breath, nodded in the darkness. Akali took her hand away, only to hear Caitlyn cry out this time.

Akali realized Caitlyn's problem- she didn't really know if Akali was there. She needed some way of reassuring her. Physical contact was needed for her to relax. So Akali, much to the surprise of Caitlyn, clambered into a spot in Caitlyn's bed next to her.

The two's arms and legs pressed together. Caitlyn relaxed, breathing in and out slowly, probably getting the best rest she'd gotten in months.

After several minutes, Caitlyn's chest started rhythmically rising and falling- it appeared she'd fallen asleep. Akali, however, still lay in the bed, eyes open, still alert.

A voice rose up from the other side of the bed. "Akali, thanks for coming and staying with me. No one else-"

The voice was silenced by a finger on the lips as Akali rose up from her spot to look down at Caitlyn. The sheriff's brown hair framed her face, eyes still wider than average, but still more relaxed than Akali had seen in the past few minutes.

This woman was forced to endure so much- kill, hunt, suffer- yet was forced to endure it all alone. Akali had had her mother, the Kinkou, even her fellows in the Triumverate to support her when things got hard. However, Akali marveled Caitlyn had managed to last thus far by herself.

Akali decided to put an end to that. She lowered her face, until their noses were touching and Akali's lips brushed Caitlyn's with every word she spoke.

"I'll make sure of it." Akali's face dipped down by a centimeter, and the two shared a sweet kiss. Akali nearly gasped- Caitlyn tasted sweet, like honey.

Akali pulled back, both girls gasping for breath, Caitlyn's eyes wide as saucers.

Akali began to lower herself again. Right before the two met for the second time, she whispered, quietly, but loud enough to be heard by Caitlyn.

"You'll never have to be alone again."

Faces in the Night, Pt 2

Caitlyn took a deep breath as the champion beside her, Janna, fell to a tossed shruikan. Turning around, she shot once. The ninja known as Shen deflected the bullet, before beginning to run towards her.

Caitlyn reloaded quickly, snapping a special armor-piercing bullet into place. Her next shot snapped right through Shen's shield, as well as several trees, before stopping its flight in an old oak stronger than most. Shen gave a loud death-cry, toppling over to lie on the ground next to his Nexus.

Why am I here anyways?, Caitlyn thought to herself. And why am I fighting-

Speaking of the devil, Ezreal behind her gurgled in pain as Akali suddenly appeared behind him, flourishing her Kamas before disappearing into the veil of smoke that forever obscured her from view. He found himself looking down as a kama sprouted out of his chest, before being violently ripped out in a massive spray of blood. He fell backwards, a pool of blood spreading beneath him within seconds.

Caitlyn ducked as another shruikan flew towards her, taking off her beloved hat. Narrowing her eyes at the nimble Yordle that just wouldn't stop throwing them at her, Caitlyn snapped two bullets into the slot of her rifle.

Her first shot ripped the next shruikan already flying towards her into tiny pieces.

Her second found its home in Kennan's brain, the Yordle flipping backwards with the force of the shot.

Caitlyn looked to the right. Akali was there, whipping her Kamas to clean them of Ezreal's blood. No, Caitlyn thought: I can't do this.


Piltover had won over 40 of its last 50 games. It had gained exclusive trading rights with Freljord as a result, as well as destroyed Zaun's champions to stop their strong development near the Piltoverian border. It had also claimed three 20 ton mineral deposits on the Demacian border. The result was a much more powerful Piltover, rapidly zoning out Zaun and other city states in prestige, power, wealth, and technology.

The Kinkou order was dedicated to balance. It saw the extraordinary rise of Piltover as unnatural, disrupting the natural balance of power between the city-states. In order to restore balance to the city-states of Valoran, the Triumvirate had decided to challange Piltover to a match, which would determine the fate of the decisions of the past 50 matches.

Caitlyn had been chosen to represent her city-state on the Twisted Treeline, forever dreading the inevitable fact- she would have to fight Akali sometime on the Fields of Justice. And it appeared that now, that time had come....

Akali froze as she saw the last person standing on the enemy team. Caitlyn.... Her summoner, one of the most experienced of the Kinkou, ordered her forwards to kill the Sheriff. Akali hesitated.

Her summoner ordered her forwards again, a little stronger this time. I... I can't. Not to Caitlyn, came Akali's response.

Her summoner responded by taking direct control of her body. Fighting the control with all her will, Akali still couldn't stop her body from moving forwards. She just hoped that the slow, jerky steps would give Caitlyn a chance, and the right message.


Caitlyn froze as she saw Akali hesitate for a moment, then start walking towards her slowly. She clutched her rifle tightly, yet didn't shoot.


Shoot Akali! her summoner screetched in her mind.


I can't, came Caitlyn's response.


Dammit, this match is too important. Assuming direct control. Her summoner said.


Caitlyn fought, and she maintained control of her body. Her summoner was not as experienced as Akali's and as a result, couldn't take control from the Sheriff.


Akali was right in front of her, beginning to raise her Kama. Caitlyn saw the look of despair on her face, and knew that she was doing this against her will. Her resolve hardened, yet her very body, and half of her mind was fighting her, Caitlyn slowly spread her arms and closed her eyes. It took every bit of concentration to maintain control of her body, any distraction would-


Caitlyn's eyes opened in pain as she looked down. Akali's face was now desperate as she stared at Caitlyn's shoulder in horror, her Kama embedded in it. Her summoner forced her next attack- to pull the Kama out violently. A fountain of blood spurted out of Caitlyn's left shoulder.

The pain was enough to break Caitlyn's concentration for an instant, and suddenly, she found her right arm raising against her own will. The finger pulled.

Akali now looked in shock at her chest. Blood started to seep through the massive bullet hole, perfectly aimed at her heart. Her summoner, now knowing that the situation was helpless, relinquished control, and Akali, barely able to control her fall, fell on her knees in front of the Sheriff. Her lips moved slightly, but Caitlyn was barely able to make out one word, whispered out.


With that, Akali's head slumped forwards, and her body slumped forwards into Caitlyn's arm.

Caitlyn was desperately screaming, "Akali! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to- please talk! Say something!" She shook the body of the woman in front of her. "I.. I didn't mean to!"

But Akali was already gone.

Her will crushed, Caitlyn hollowly stood up. With nothing fighting him now, the summoner simply forced Caitlyn's hand up, and shot one perfectly aimed bullet. It pierced the power crystal powering the enemy nexus, causing it to explode in a massive spray of purple crystals and aged stone. Caitlyn was immediately transported back to the place where she was before the match- her room.

It was dark, as the match had been one of the latest of the day. It was now night- a new moon. There was no light in the room, nor did Caitlyn bother to turn one on, as she fell to her knees, sobbing in grief.

Suddenly, Akali appeared, still with a bloodly wound on top of her heart. She started walking forwards, but this time her face was angry, full of deadly determination. "You killed me," she said, eyes flashing with steely rage.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean-" Caitlyn stammered out, before Akali interrupted.

"You lost control. You killed me. And you will pay, Murdress," Akali ground out, eyes filled with anger.

"Murdress" echoed all of the others that had suddenly appeared in front of her. Caitlyn looked forwards in despair. There was Jeremiah Cid, who demanded retribution for his father's death. That was Harvey Kent, murdered by the mysterious C Caitlyn had yet to catch. There was the face of Gabriel Hanson, who'd pulled a cutlass on her while in a drunken stupor- the bullet wound still in his forehead. They, as well as countless others, paraded before the terrified Sheriff, each one muttering towards her, torturing her, accusing her. And bringing up the rear, Akali stooped down again, Caitlyn shirking away from her touch, curling up in a small ball amid the chorus that rose up around her- "You killed my father!" "You couldn't catch him..." "I was drunk, dammit!" "Why... why me?" "You weren't strong enough...." Wallowing in her own despair, only hearing the voices in her head, Caitlyn never heard the quiet click coming from the front of her room.

Akali came forwards, Kamas now in her hands. Shirking away from the ninja with a quiet squeak, Caitlyn tucked her head in between her knees. She was surprised to feel a touch on the side of her head, gently guiding her to look up, into Akali's sorrowful brown eyes.

"I'm sorry!" Caitlyn sobbed. "I didn't mean to-" Caitlyn's outburst was silenced by a silent finger on her lips.

Akali looked down, then spoke in disgust. "I know." The ninja shook her head. "You fought, while I didn't. I wasn't strong enough to fight my summoner." It was clear that Akali's disgust was aimed at herself.

Caitlyn looked around. The other ghosts in her room had faded back into the walls with the real Akali's presence. Caitlyn rushed forwards and embraced Akali, tears wetting both of their necks as they trickled down from red eyes.

"I'm sorry" Caitlyn whispered into Akali's right ear. "Forgive me?"

"Already done," Akali whsipered back. She could feel Caitlyn's smile on her cheek. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No," Caitlyn responded, rolling her left shoulder. "It's all good." She could feel Akali's smile on her cheek as well. "That's good," came the reply.

The two women slowly let go of each other. Akali turned away towards the door, beginning to take a few steps away. But suddenly there were two Akalis- one stepping towards the door, and the other beginning to meld from the wall. "Stop!" snapped the panicked Caitlyn. Akali turned around in surprise, walking towards the Sheriff. Every step the real Akali took, the ghost Akali melded more into the wall, before Akali reached Caitlyn, and the ghost disappeared.

"They're still here, aren't they..." Akali murmured, seeing Caitlyn calm the moment Akali reached her. Caitlyn simply nodded in response, tentatively reaching out a hand to touch Akali's face, making sure it was real.

Akali grasped Caitlyn's hand tightly, knowing her need for contact. "Don't worry, I'm here.," Akali whispered. The ninja remembered her motif- Do that which must be done, and suddenly knew exactly what she needed to do.

Taking Caitlyn by surprise, Akali suddenly pulled her down onto the bed.

She would spend the night there, making sure Caitlyn knew she was there, now-

and Forever.

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you should get paid for this

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Thanks a lot Black and Salmon. Means a lot to me =)
And here's the next one- less serious, more lulz XD


Cycle of Blood

Vladimir walked slowly in the darkened hallways of the Institute, attempting to remember why he was down here in the first place. Shaking his head at the memory- and his incredulity- he continued walking. There was the plaque for Malzahar, and the plaque that was half-melted with caustic enzymes was probably Kog'Maw's door.

Ahh, Vladimir thought as he stopped in front of the door that read, Cho'Gath. Here we are.

Not wanting to startle the void beast (and unwittingly become its dinner), Vladimir knocked several times, and the hurried to the end of the corridor. This way, in case Cho'Gath decided it was hungry, he would have ample warning, and could dissolve into a pool of blood before running away.

Then he heard Cho'Gath's voice saying, "Vladimir, is that you? Come on in old chap!"

Sighing in relief- it appeared Cho'Gath had already eaten recently- Vladimir opened the door, and slowly walked inside.
Never having been in Cho'Gath's quarters before, Vladimir didn't quite know what to expect. Maybe a nightmarish pit, or a pile of bodies for the void monster to feed on. What he saw simply stunned him.

To his left, he saw an entrance to a bedroom, with a rather massive bed, as well as a wardrobe containing several (at lest 4) suits. To his right, Vladimir saw, for all intents and purposes a monacle collection, while to his front was Gentleman Cho'Gath, fully suited up, sitting at a tea table, and busy pouring liquid from teapot into a cup.

"Do come and take a seat now," said Cho'Gath. "And do drink some of this wonderful spiced blood Kog'Maw managed to rustle up, good lad. Please, my home is yours. Anything less than that would be uncivil!"

Mmm, thought Vladimir as he sipped some of the blood. Cho'Gath may be a bloodthirsty void monster, but he sure knows how to treat his guests!

"Now Vladimir old chap, thank you for accepting my invitation!", Cho'Gath continued. Oh my, he thought, does he look juicy.
Meanwhile, Vladimir was almost salivating as he realized the girth of Cho'Gath. Why, he must have such exotic blood. Vladimir shook his head- he was a guest here after all- and then spoke. "It was an honor to be invited here to a true gentleman's home."

Cho'Gath beamed, but his gaze traveled downwards. My my, his legs look absolutely delicious. "Wait... Vladimir..."

Vladimir, however, was looking longingly at a small cut on Cho'Gath's arm, small amounts of crimson leaking out. His tongue slipped out, and Vladimir imagined tasting that blood. He paid no attention to Cho'Gath trying to fight off the urge to snack on this delicious little morsel in front of it.

Suddenly Cho'Gath snapped, roaring, "I'll bite your legs off!", and snapped at Vladimir's legs. Vladimir, still suspicious, suddenly sunk into a pool of blood, before transfusing the blood leaking out of the cut into himself. Just as I thought- spicy and exotic.
"You cheeky little fellow!" roared Cho'Gath. "Let us settle this like true Gentlemen!"

Vladimir rose from his pool, eyes narrowed, heady with excitement. "The rivers will run red," he agreed.

"Quiet!" Cho'Gath roared. He swiped at Vladimir three times. Vladimir dodged backwards, but he didn't expect the spikes, which cut him in several places.

Rather than retreat, Vladimir simply licked his lips and transfused more blood from Cho'Gath- which, in turn, cause Cho'Gath the roar louder and become more frenzied.

Malzahar, hearing the commotion, opened Cho'Gath's door, and saw Vladimir and Cho'Gath busy destroying the abode while trying to hit each other. Thinking quickly, Malzahar summoned two voidlings and tossed one each at the hungry pair. Cho'Gath quickly gobbled up his, while Vladimir enjoyed slowly draining the life and blood out of his.

After all the exertion, Cho'Gath collapsed down, before cracking open one eyelid and saying quickly, "terribly sorry old chap, got too hungry. But, I'd be happy to have you over when I'm not hungry."

Vladimir thought about it. "Sure", he decided. "But I'll leave you now."

"Ahh, of course," said Cho'Gath, "Pip pip, Cheerio!"

Several days later, Vladimir walked up to Cho'Gath's door again, knocked again, and repeated his same routine as before. Cho'Gath called for him to enter again, and Vladimir, somehow never believing his memory, would always be astonished by the immaculate, clean apartment Cho'Gath called his home.

Tasty... thought Cho'Gath as he stared at Vladimir.

How exotically delicious... thought Vladimir as he stared at Cho'Gath.

And so the cycle continues...

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A Light in the Dark

An explosion of colors, sound, and feelings.

It was a typical clash between the Noxian and Demacian champions on Summoner's Rift. Lux pursed her lips in concentration, tossing a Light Binding, catching Talon, but only to have Katarina dash past with her speed dubbed Shunpo. Turning around to face her brother, Lux quickly tossed her wand, bending light and deflecting several of Katarina's knives as Garen readied himself to strike for Katarina's arm, stopping the relentless stream of knives.

Meanwhile, Xin Zhao was duking it out with Sion, Axe and Spear adding to the symphony of death at the river. Galio already lay crumbled in stone, Cassiopeia in a similar state beside him. Poppy sat resting on a tree, her hands trying to stem the relentless flow of blood, opened up when Talon had pierced her Femoral Artery in a last gesture of defiance before she rammed him into a wall, destroying his face. Her head tilted forwards, taking one last shuddering breath before falling sideways onto the ground.

Lux shook her head, looking forwards again. Sion had lost the duel, and was now running away, with Xin chasing after him, but unable to catch him. Lux threw a ball of light, slowing down Sion's legs, allowing Xin to catch up and victoriously lunge, putting his spear through Sion's neck, and felling the undead brute.

Lux, meanwhile had looked around. She noticed her brother's body lying, pierced by daggers in multiple places. Turning around, she saw the trail of blood left by a badly wounded Katarina.

Telling her summoner to allow her sight in a particular spot, Lux saw Katarina trying to run through the jungle back to the safely her spawning pool.

Lux took a deep breath, and spun her baton until it faced Katarina. Light built around it while Lux debated silently- to not say it would arouse suspicion. The light suddenly arced out, with Lux shouting "Demacia!" as loud as she could.

Katarina's entire left side as covered in horrible burns as she slowly tumbled to the side.

Xin, favoring his right foot, slowly limped back towards their side's fountain, before a shroud of darkness suddenly descended.

Nocturne soared out of the darkness, spinning, and lacerating Xin three times. Xin, already wounded from his duel with Sion, slumped forwards, blood beginning to pool around him within seconds.

Lux, slowly backed away, tossing a Light Binding before sprinting for the safety of her tower.

Nocturne, however, had simply deflected her spell with a shroud of darkness, before leaping up and knocking Lux over, an umbra blade positioned over a weak spot over her battle armor.

Lux's eyes rolled in confusion as Nocturne did not cut. Instead, he dove inside her mind, Lux powerless to respond. He searched for her deepest nightmare- and rocked back, stunned as he found it. He immediately drifted away, leaving her without nothing but a bruise when she had fallen on the ground.

After the match (it was a close fought one, but the Demacians prevailed in the end), Lux muttered goodbyes and quickly hurried down one of the lesser-traveled hallways. She had to find Nocturne, ensure her secret did not get out-


Shaking her head, Lux looked up, gasping as she saw the very being she was seeking out. Nocturne's white orbs glared down at her.

"Lady of Luminosity," Nocturne said with obvious contempt at her title. "After seeing what your greatest nightmare is-"

"Please," Lux begged. "Don't tell anyone!"

Nocturne's white orbs-for-eyes narrowed. "I can help you achieve what you desire."

Lux gasped- was it truly possible?

Nocturne continued. "I can ensure that you never have to see the institute, or have to be bound to Demacia, again." He paused for a moment. "But you will need to help me."

Lux was truly stunned. Demacia had taken her when she was little- her parents giving her away. She was treated harshly- her memories of those days only ended in cruelty as she didn't meet the requests of her teachers. She was forced to infiltrate Noxus- the most dangerous infiltration order ever given. Her nation hadn't cared about her- she was only a tool.

In this League of Legends, too, she was merely a tool for Demacia. To advance their petty divisions with Noxus, Lux was forced to fight.

She hated every second of it. She would be willing to do anything to leave- she'd already been lashed by her own parents, Garen looking on impassively, for trying to leave the academy.

Her decision made, Lux nodded once and looked at Nocturne.

"What do we have to do?"

Sam yawned loudly. He was down here in the League's dungeons earning a few extra silver pieces 'guarding' Nocturne's cage, in case the monster ever got out. It didn't matter that he would even stop the raging monster from goring him within ten seconds flat.

But luckily for him, the summoners' magic were extremely potent. They had assured him that Nocturne would never get out, not without extremely talented outside help. And who would ever be crazy enough to let him out?

Secure in this knowledge, and his trust in the summoners, Sam felt safe enough to fall asleep.

During his sleep, he dreamed a dream that he relived nearly every day, and was glad to see that never happened in real life.

Sam saw his children, toddling girls of three and six. He was running to them, and they were suddenly struck down by streak of darkness. It turned to him. Sam saw the bright orbs of Nocturne's face.

Sam suddenly sat up. Was that a wind- oh, there was nothing. He was being paranoid. No one would ever come down he thought as he lay back down. Inevitably seeing his children dead again.

He closed his eyes.

"I'll be sure to seek them out."

Sam's eyes flew open, only to see nothing but utter darkness. And his children. He screamed wordlessly in terror. He began to turn around, but a cruel, curved blade was thrust forwards.

Sam's eyes closed, never to open again.

Lux knelt by Nocturne's cage, slowly unlocking the magical enchantments binding the magical metal together, holding the nightmare in it.

"Nocturne-" Lux started. When the Nightmare's eyes were faced towards her, she continued nervously. "What will you do when you're outside?"

"What will you?" asked Nocturne.

Lux looked down, temperarily stopping her work. "I don't know," she admitted. "I just want to be away from here, away from the killing and death, away from the stifling banners of the 'City of Light." Lux snorted in derision. "Anywhere but here..." she repeated. She looked back at Nocturne questioningly.

"I only want freedom," replied the darkness. "I wish to be out of these cages, doing what I wish to do- not be stuck in this cage, only to be led out to fight like a pit bull, for the entertainment and petty desires of powerful men."

"I wish to be free."

The cage door swung open, as Lux cut through the final enchantment.

Nocturne drifted out, and wordlessly drifted down the hallway where both their freedom's lay. A hallway that, Lux realized, still had a guard.

She sprinted up to Nocturne, but it was too late. She saw the Nightmare Embodied viciously stab the guard in the back of the throat, blood spurting out, only to go right through the smoke that was Nocturne.

Lux stared at the corpse in horror, Nocturne just cleaning off his Umbra blades nonchalantly. After a moment, Nocturne looked up, staring at her with those white orbs, and spoke.

"Ah, it feels good to kill again."

At this, Lux froze. She debated leaving right now, freedom be ****ed.

Then Nocturne spoke up. "The reason you aren't like that" he gestures towards the gutted man and the growing pool of blood on the stone ledge "is because you helped me."

And Lux realized this was more than Demacia had ever done for her. She'd gone to the academy, stolen Noxus' information, and what was the reward? Endless killing- and dying- in the Field of Justice to further Jarvan III's agenda.

Lux nodded once, and slowly walked out of the small room, and continued down the hallway.

She rounded a corner and was about to take another step- before being stopped in her tracks by a pointy object in front of her face. She looked up in surprise.

"Lady of Luminosity" said Jarvan IV impassively in front of her as he pointed his massive lance in her direction. "I charge you with treason and murder."

Lux's eyes hardened. Ever since she'd refused his marriage proposal -much to the consternation of her parents and himself- Jarvan had always been after her. She slapped the point of the lance out of its position right in front of her nose, took two steps forward, and quickly spat in his face.

Jarvan, now not cool anymore, but raging angry, said in a voice with a deadly undercurrent, "Summoners- restrain her".

Lux was suddenly bound by invisible chains, blocking her movement, and not allowing her to cast spells. She was helpless.

Then, the room grew darker. The torches slowly went out, one by one. The summoners looked around in fear, Jarvan simply glancing at the hallway without emotion. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he clutched his head, rolling on the ground in apparent agony.

"No! Demacia will not burn!" he shouted.

Nocturne flew out of the shadows perching over him. "Yes it will, by your own incompetence...", his eyes inspiring terror, reflecting the deepest fear of Jarvan's- that he would cause the destruction of Demacia and the demise of the Lightshield Dynasty.

Jarvan was now whimpering on the floor, weakly whispering "no" repeatedly.

Nocturne looked up, seeing the summoners, but it was too late. They managed to shackle one of his arms to the wall, and as he struggled, they managed to pin the shadowy trail that was his lower body to the floor. Finally, he was totally bound, helpless, howling as he was taken back to his cage.

2 days later.

Lux and Nocturne were both in a cell. Nocturne was decided to be too dangerous to be kept alive, and he was to be granted punishment by the cruelest form- infinite imprisonment in his nexus crystal, without even a physical body. Lux's fate, on the other hand, was yet to be decided by several families, the head judges of the city-state, and the crown itself.

Suddenly, a guard arrived. It appeared Lux's judgment had been made.

The word came.


Lux shivered. How had this gone so terribly wrong? How?

Two hours after that, Lux and Nocturne where in a wagon, completely bound and helpless.

Lux spoke up. "Thanks, Nocturne."

The Nightmare's dual phosphorus orbs slowly turned to face her.

Lux forged on. "You came to my aid, when I needed it, and you could've ran. Just... thanks."

Nocturne spoke up in that chilling voice of his. "After all, you were the one who'd helped me."

Lux smiled weakly at him. "Just... thanks."

Nocturne's orbs closed for a second. The word sounded strangled, unused, foreign. But eventually, he forced it out. "Thank you..."

The wagon abruptly stopped. Lux could hear the jeers of the crowd outside. Two guards opened the flaps, and without any expression, led Nocturne out of the wagon.

Nocturne was completely bound. He couldn't move. The guards had to push him- he floated naturally- towards the gallows.

There, lay waiting were six of Demacia's greatest skilled summoners. Nocturne looked up at them.

As the crowd cheered, the summoners started weaving a great spell. It took minutes, but Nocturne's body was slowly sucked, howling, into the crystal- every moment of it extreme agony. Finally, the howling stopped, and a small crystal dropped unnoticed onto the executioner's block.

As Lux heard the howl stop, her first and only tear dropped. She quickly wiped it away, and got out of the wagon proudly, her head held high. Without any 'assistance' from the guards, she quickly made her way to the top of the gallows, and lay down on the cutting block, where her head was to be severed.

Waiting, as was his job as Chief Executioner, Garen stood. Yet, for the first time ever, he showed signs of sadness, regret. He looked at the massive sword in his hands, then back up at Lux.

"I'm sorry Luxanna," he mouthed soundlessly.

He raised the sword.

Lux's fingers clutched at the wood around her. She grasped a stone in her left hand.

Looking at the stone, Lux realized what it was. It was the Nexus fragment that had Nocturne bound in it.

The sword began to descend.

Lux's eyes drank in the last view of her world she would get- Demacia's bright blue pennants, the massive crush of people watching her death- her ears hearing the jeers of the crowd, the whistle of the wind as the sword came down. Her fingers closed, so tightly she could feel the contours and scratches of the stone, imprinted into her left hand.

Lux felt a massive pain in the back of her neck, but still clutched the stone tightly.

She began to think, "What a shame-"



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The name was so beautiful- graceful, easily rolling off of the tongue. Its meaning was once nothing but a word, yet at the same time, something powerful- something great.

It was fitting really. A beautiful name, for a beautiful country.

One that is now tainted by the shadow of the Noxian flag.

Xin Zhao scowled as he sat in the small meditative garden in the Institute. The scowl went away immediately- this was a place of peace and serenity, not a place for harboring thoughts of vengance.

He took a deep breath, and plunged back into that state of mind, pushing all thoughts away. He was not thinking- he simply was.

A memory floated into Xin's mind. Then another. They were not memories of his adopted country, not of the dead king Jarvan II.

Lungui. The word- name- was rolled around in his mind for what seemed like an eternity. In his mind, he could see the battles- Noxus' flame burning the country, right before Noxus went and burned Ionia. He could hear the sounds of battle, feel the ground tremor from soldiers, taste the terror. From what seemed like miles away, he heard the door to the garden open.

Xin's eyes opened again, and he turned to face the newcomer. Ah, the Blademaster Irelia had arrived. He began to stand.

"No, no, please sit," Irelia said with a dismissive gesture. "I don't wish to interrupt your meditations." She began to sit on the mat,

"No, I was just leaving." Xin replied. His counterence darkened, as he somewhat muttered, "Thoughts of Noxus are not quite conducive to inner peace."

Irelia looked away. "I know what you mean," she said softly, sighing deeply, a deeply sad look on her face. Xin could even notice a tear leaking out of the corner of her right eye.

"I-I'm sorry," stammered Xin. He'd been taught that making a lady cry is the height of evil. He'd also been taught how to remedy that, but that wasn't quite appropriate here...

Xin stepped forwards, offering a convenient handkerchief laying in his pocket. Irelia waved it away, tear gone, face straight again. Had he imagined it?

"And you?" Irelia asked, desperately trying to get the subject off of the Ionian invasion. "What has Noxus done to you?"

Xin's eyes hardened, as he appeared to stare into space. "Have you heard of the great country Lungui?" Irelia nodded. Xin sighed. "I was one of her higher generals."

Irelia gasped. Being on the shore, Lungui and Ionia shared many traditions, peoples, and were close diplomatically. Lungui, she'd heard, suffered much the same fate as the southern parts of Ionia did. This, she supposed, was why Xin shared many Ionian customs, such as meditation. Irelia silently leaned in, eager to listen to more.

"I was captured," Xin said. His face twisted into a expression of disgust. "One of my fellow generals turned traitor, and drove us into an ambush."

Xin's face was now the picture of despair. "My men... They all..." Xin fell quiet, his voice unable to say the words he wished to. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder.

"I know what that feels like," Irelia murmured. "I'm sorry for making you relive that."

Xin shook his head. "The Fleshing was nothing compared to that." He looked up. "Besides, a Demacian does not retreat," he said, quoting the late King Jarvan II, "and that includes from his past." Xin then looked at Irelia with curiosity. "I know what the League told me about you and your stand at the Placidium-"

At this Irelia shook her head. "It was nothing, nothing compared to what others-"

Xin interrupted. "It takes a brave soul to rally an entire nation to fight, and an even braver one to fight alone, as their champion." Xin paused for a bit. "Braver than I ever was," he said, looking down at himself.

"Bah," came out Irelia's response. Xin looked up in surprise. "I fight for Ionia, true. But you fight for your people's memory- you are the champion of Lungui."

Xin, looked thoughtful for a second. "Yes," came the word finally. "Yes, I suppose I am." Xin thought more for a bit. "And it is only right that I avenge their deaths."

"And it is only right, as the 'champion' of Ionia, that I fight Noxus until their last man leaves our soil." Ionia replied.

"Say," she said. "Do you know the old Warrior's pledge?"

Xin looked surprised. "I had thought that the tradition was gone, lost with the people of Lungui."

Irelia laughed heartily. "No, it's flourished in Ionia. Do you know it."

Xin, beginning to get the idea, shook his head. "No," he said, "I will not allow you and yours to be drawn into my own fight for revenge."

"No," Irelia replied with fire in her eyes. "Our fight."

Xin continued to shake his head, while Irelia continued. "Noxus has done horrible things to both of our lands."

Xin was quiet for a second. Then-

"I pledge this upon my honor." Thus he started the Warrior's pledge.

"I pledge this upon my honor." Irelia echoed.

"Your friends are my friends."

"Your family is my family."

"Your rivals are my rivals."

"Your enemies are my enemies."

Xin took a deep breath. "We will face them..."

Irelia and Xin's eyes met, as their mouths moved in unisen.


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Make 'em Understand

Shadows, bent and twisted. Lampposts desperately trying to push back the darkness of night, the globes of light engaged in a never-ending struggle against the black.

One shadow twists, disappears.

Another one moves, several feet away. It disappears as well.

The movement is almost impossible to see in the darkness, as it appears the shadows themselves writhe, constantly moving towards a destination.

Nothing but an assignment, Talon thought. He thought back to his briefing earlier. Just a magician called Janna- easy prey.

He hadn't been told much- only that she was an air mage of some sort, and that she had to be eliminated. That was more than some of the assignments he'd gotten before from General Du Couteau. Talon was sure he'd get her easily. There was a reason he was known as the Blade's Shadow of course.

Slipping in and out of shadows, Talon steadily made his way to Janna's home. No one noticed him- not even the sharp-eyed Sheriff of Piltover with her uncannily piercing eyes and annoying traps everywhere. He'd passed right behind her, and taken one of her bullets in the process. General Du Couteau would be pleased at the Piltoverean Hextechnology.

At last, Talon arrived at Janna's home. It looked surprisingly small, especially for the rather popular Janna, but Talon was sure this was the place- his memory never failed him, and this was surely the address.

Going to the back of the house, Talon carefully oiled the hinges of the back door, and swung it open with practiced silence. His worn leather boots made no sound as Talon made his way up to the bedroom.

Even though the stairs creaked- tested by a perfectly weighted pouch- Talon made no noise as he stepped on the perfect spots, moving to the second floor without making as much noise as a pin drop.

Now the House Layout- ah yes. According to the blueprints- handily stored in Talon's head- the bedroom was two doors down to the right. He repeated the door-opening routine- silently oiling the hinges, and swinging open the door, revealing a room with a bed, a desk in a corner, and a wardrobe in another.

Talon slunk to the bed, where a beautiful blond woman slept. Judging by the lumps in the blankets, she had some great curves, and her face was serene, peaceful- ethereal.

Talon wasn't affected by these things. He only needed to get the job done.

He moving close to her, slowly making sure to not make a sound, his blade coming closer and closer to her throat.

Preparing for the thrust which would end Janna's life, Talon inhaled sharply.

A pair of sapphire orbs shot open.

Inwardly, Talon frowned. This might ruin his clean getaway. Most women tended to stop thinking and simply scream, and that might alert the authorities. Fortunately, that meant that they didn't move to stop him.

His blade suddenly surged forwards, but it suddenly stopped moving. Talon stared stupidly at her left hand holding his right arm, not allowing it to move further. It was a distraction of a millisecond, but he suddenly felt horrible pain in both his crotch and his face, as Janna simultaneously kneed his family jewels and head butted his nose.

Talon gasped in surprise. No normal woman would have that reaction- they all just screamed and tried to push him away. Janna had done something that was not taught, but learned through experience and harsh reality.

Even though this was a serious turn of events- it was clear Janna was not an ordinary mage- Talon still kept his composure. He wrenched his arm out of her grip and disappeared into the darkness surrounding Janna's bed. His hiding spot was not the darkest, uncluttered corner- it was under her desk.

Janna didn't even glance at the corner, but shot forth her right hand. Talon was in the middle of a swirling vortex of air, spinning, battered by books, lights, pens, and planks from her now- destroyed desk.

It was clear to Talon now. The move Janna had used when she woke up wasn't taught in self-defense classes- it was learned on the streets. And the fact that Janna didn't look at the obvious, dark choice meant that she had experience in where thieves and assassins would hide. The answer was obvious, yet somehow confounding.

Janna was a street brat, an outcast- a thief, one who'd had to go to sleep hungry, and always fear for her life, or the next meal.

She was just like him.

Talon's mouth opened, as he lapsed into the vernacular unused for so long. "Youhm a gangah, eh?"

Janna's jaw looked like it was trying to touch her toes, as she let up her vortex in sheer surprise at her would-be assassin speaking her childhood language. "An? Dun matter?"

Talon slowly walked towards her. "Dem power-men. Dey dun get wha' we get. The' wondah whai I dun listen?"

Janna's eyes, once confused, were beginning to light up with realization.

Talon continued. "Dey dun kno'. Wha' its like, to live'n dem pitz, or da streets.

Janna's eyes hardened. "Ah've been tellen 'em wha' its like, wha' ei' do." She shook her head. "Dun listen."

"Been scrappin' with 'em." said Talon in disgust. "Rats 'n bats 'ei are, all of 'em." He paused for an instant. "'cept for Du Couteau."

"Ahm fightin' em, Youse fightin' em," Janna said. "All to make'em udderstand." She shook her head. "Ain't workin'." She thought for a bit. "Gotta make'em listen."

Talon nodded unconsciously, then narrowed his eyes. "How?"

"Dem league?" Janna responded. "Den Dey'll listem"

Talon nodded. "Dem League."

They spat on their right hands and shook. "Make dem listen?"

"Make dem listen."



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Thoughts and Pictures

A large, expansive garden, blooming with flowers, shaded with trees. The sentient Armadillo known as Rammus liked it here. There was no one here poking him, no Heimerdinger jibber-jabbering, trying to teach him how to talk, only peace- just like his home, in the Kumungu Jungle-, and quiet.

No. Those thoughts had come automatically. It was not quiet. There was something... he just couldn't place it. Rammus roamed around, walking in ever-expanding spirals, wondering what that sound was.

It wasn't that he didn't like the sound. It was nice. Reminded him of home. He could slowly begin to make out specific notes, then heard the instrument. It sounded like a harp of some sort. Rammus moved closer to it.

Then, he came in sight of the player.

She was situated beneath a large tree, smiling as she sat in its shade. Her eyes were closed, lips upturned in a smile. Her hands delicately plucked the strings of the exquisite instrument perched on her lap. She was so bright- beautiful, serene face crowned by blue hair, tinged golden like the sun at the edges.

Rammus couldn't help but move closer to Sona, playing slowly now. Her lips had turned downwards a bit, as the song turned wistful. Rammus looked down, remembering his innocence, and the moment it had all been ripped away.

A last note lingered in the air. Rammus looked back up, seeing a tear leak its way out of Sona's left eye. He poked her. Sona's eyes shot open, looking left, right, up. They then went down, and settled upon the Armadillo sitting patiently in front of her.

Rammus, looking up, poked Sona again. Her mouth opened and closed, but no voice came out. A surprised, "Huh?" came out of his mouth. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head. He'd had experiences like this before- all his summoners talked to him through voices in his head. But this- this was different. Where they had boomed and shouted, ordering, berating, authoritative, this voice was different. Sona's voice was... quiet. Timid. More, a question, than an order. Light, sweet, quiet, melodious- all mixed into one. All to ask one question: "c-can you hear me?".

"Yeah," came the response.

Can you say more? came the question.

Rammus shook his head.

Can you... think more? came another question.

Rammus shook his head again. See, Rammus couldn't understand English. Due to the magic running through his veins, he understood the meaning, but only in pictures, and therefore could only think as such. He had an idea.

Rammus's eyes narrowed in concentration. He created two pictures. On the left was Ryze, writing many words. On the right was himself, a lowly armadillo. In between was a non-equals sign. (=/=)

Sona's eyes lit up in comprehension. Instantly thinking out loud again, she thought, We aren't that different, I can't speak, you can't express your thoughts. In Rammus' mind, this manifested as him on the left with a little thought bubble, and Sona on the right with duct tape over her mouth, with an equals sign in the middle.

Rammus did not understand. In response, he sent back a simple question mark.

Ahh, Sona said, you don't know. I am mute- I cannot speak. In Rammus' mind, he saw first roots holding him back from a bookcase, symbolizing knowledge, and then he saw Sona with her mouth open, but with no sound coming out. He sent back a picture of recognition- Ryze smirking in understanding.

The two lay on the trunk of the tree, thinking. After a while, Sona turned over and asked, can we be friends? For Rammus, this looked like a picture of Annie hugging a rather sheepish Amumu, with Sona's face grafted onto Annie, and Rammus' head on top of Amumu. A quick, "ok" escaped Rammus' mouth. A large smile lit up Sona's face.

She took a deep breath, and began to play on her Etwahl.

The beginning of the song was tentative, but quickly turned sad. Melody, suddenly in the minor- always growing quieter, softer, hopelessness and melancholy apparent. Even Rammus, who saw a weeping girl, unable to speak, constantly ignored, all alone, was touched.

Then, one major chord. Then another. A halting, searching melody, of her powers of music, and her Etwahl. Her life had revolved around it, just like the song revolved around that melody. Her first concert, a massive blowout, a small crescendo showing the triumph.

Her music slowly built up, yet was missing something. Her chords were missing a tone, just as her life was missing something she desperately needed. Someone who could empathize with her, someone who'd known what she'd gone through- someone who was like her. There was a quiet moment of despair. The song slipped into minor briefly once more.

Then- one note. The line that was missing. It clashed with the minor chords, forcing a major sequence. The melody arrived, in full force, complete, strong, powerful, yet filled with grace and serenity. That person had arrived- she was complete, just like her melody. It abruptly stopped, Sona looking at Rammus with a raised eyebrow.

He saw this as a crossroads in his mind- two roads, both leading far into the distance. The rather short Armadillo strained to reach up, and just reached one of the strings. His left paw plucked. The note ran strong and true- just the right note to continue the now triumphant crescendo.

The pair sat under the tree as the sun slowly set, Sona playing, the gentle, beautiful waves of music massaging both of them.

For Rammus, this manifested as him, attempting to wear armor, but missing a breastplate. But, he'd found one, with an Etwahl etched onto it. His suit of armor was complete. Just like his life.

For Sona, this manifested in her music- whole, strong, yet gentle and charming at the same time. That low line of notes completed the melody of the song, finishing the musical masterpiece- just like the Sentient Armadillo had filled the gaping hole in her life.

They both sat satisfied under the tree, Rammus occasionally reaching up to pluck a string, sharing smiles and understanding.

Despite their language, the pair had found someone to understand and love them for who they were-

In each other.

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The Greatest Prank

"An' this one time, I was screamin 'there's a bogey on my tail!...'" Corki was saying.

His (inwardly) disinterested audience- Tristana, the Megling Gunner, was slowly nodding her head, as she covertly glanced at the timepiece set on her wrist. Almost time…. She thought as Corki rambled on about the Charlie Foxtrot in his tale.

Tristana noticed a faint shadow appear over Corki. Interrupting the pilot's story, she leaned in and whispered, "Lima Oscar Lima," before turning heel and jumping away by shooting a rocket at the ground.

Corki looked up, saw the massive bomb, and roared after Tristana, "J-Just goes teh show you're nothin' but a Whiskey Delta!"

**** Two Minutes Later****


Tristana runs up to another yordle, one covered in goggles and harnessed to a bomb, quickly high-fiving him.

"That. Was. Awesome!" she squealed, satisfied with another prank carried out to perfection. "Did you see the fireworks?"

"Yeah, it was great," Said Ziggs, nearly dancing in glee.

They fell in step together, walking towards the central marketplace as they discussed who to prank next.

"Big Armor dude?"

"Nah, those Demacians are serious. Wouldn't want to taste his sword, eh?"


"Unless you want to have your face smashed in by Whopper…."

"Alright then, fine. Who else?"

"Maybe… Veigar?"

"No, it's too dangerous!"

"But, just imagine it! The beauty! The hilariousness!"

Ziggs' hand met his face. He had a bad feeling about this. But Tristana was right- if the pair could pull it off, it'd be the greatest prank in history.

"Alright" came the reluctant reply.

Tristana jumped for joy, and started tugging on Ziggs' arm. "Cmon, cmon, we gotta find him!"

****Several hours of searching later****

Guided by Tristana, Ziggs was lead to the living place of Veigar. It was several miles out of Bandle City.

It was a dark tower, lightning flashing, every yordle within 3 mile's radius already moved away. Occasionally, one could hear maniatical cackling coming from the inside. Once, Ziggs swore, he could even hear bloodcurdling screams coming from the inside. He began to rethink this preposition of pranking perhaps the greatest master of dark magic in Valoran.

Ziggs began to debate within his head. Stay? Leave? Stay? Leave?

Too late for him, for Tristana had already walked up to the front of the tower, preparing to knock the door. Ziggs ran up, whispering furiously, "Wait, we don't even have a plan yet!"

Tristana slowly turned around, a mysterious smile on her face, and an evil glint in her eye. "Oh, I've got a plan alright.

Ziggs' eyes widened, but Tristana's grinning face was the last thing he saw before the blackness descended.

His head hurt. It hurt a lot. He wondered what had happened to it. Did he fall? DId he have a hangover? He could really use some of that pudding Tristana ma-



The memories of what happened before Veigar's door rushed through Ziggs' head, as he began to furiously look around him. He was in a dungeon, probably in Veigar's tower. Chained to the wall, he could see shackles, old bloodstains, and only one solid oak door.

An oak door that was beginning to creep open.

First came in Tristana, face set in a deep scowl. Then came the Tiny Master of Evil, waving his staff, and chattering in a rather high-pitched voice.

Veigar stepped closer, and yet the only thing Ziggs could make out other than the massively oversized hat were the eerily glowing yellow eyes.

He stepped back, motioning to Tristana and saying, "He is useless to me. Dispose of him."

Tristana blankly stared at Ziggs, saying ,"Yes master." She unsheathed her Megling Commando issue Military Knife, and slowly took steps towards Ziggs. Ziggs desperately struggled as she took another step. Then another. When she was right in front of him, she began to wind back her arm.

Ziggs closed his eyes in preperation of the pain.

He heard first, the ting of the knife as it fell on the ground.

He then heard the peals of laughter as Tristana literally rolled around on the floor, laughing her heart out.

At this, the only thing Ziggs could muster was, "Eh?"

Still tittering, Tristana began to get up and retrieved her knife, cutting Ziggs' bonds, while choking out in between peals of laughter, "You should *hic* have seen the look *teehee* on your face!"

Ziggs still glared warily at Veigar. The robed yordle first took off his massive hat, then the mask, then his robes. Underneath was a perfectly ordinary Yordle who simply smiled like Tristana.

Tristana, seeing Ziggs' mistrust of Veigar, said with glee, "He loves to prank more than me!" Seeing Ziggs' disbelief, she continued. "He tricked people into thinking he was evil!" She now grinned mischievously. "And We sure tricked you!"

Ziggs began to relax. "So... you're not evil?"

"Ah, no." Veigar said in a perfectly normal Yordle voice. "But everyone thinks I am." He grinned. "And it lets Trist and I get some great pranks in."

Ziggs was now relaxed. "Say... That's some pretty good prankin' you two got there." Tristana and Veigar gave each other a high-five. "Mind if... I join in?"

"Sure!" Tristana squealed as she rushed forwards to hug her new partner-in-pranking.

"So..." Ziggs began as the three began to ascend the stairs of the tower. "How does this work out?"

"Think a prank," said Veigar. "Now think of someone evil to throw into the prank."

Ziggs began rubbing his hands in glee. Having someone evil immediately opened up so many options!

"So?" Tristana asked. "Who's next?"

"What about Teemo?" asked Ziggs.

The three yordles continued discussing their next prank as they climbed up the stairs, and into the open.