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Best Mid?

Vladimir 89 32.72%
Mordekaiser 39 14.34%
Katarina 36 13.24%
Other (please specify and why) 108 39.71%
Voters 272 .

The best mid is....

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I personally think (or at least do best with) Kennen. He, like Morde, Vlad, and Kat, has infinite harass with his Q and W. But he also has a stun, which the others don't have, and a lv 6 first-blood ult just as good as Katarina's. He also has an escape.

Plus he breakdances.

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Hand of Might

Senior Member


I felt like commenting because I have a few things to bring up: firstly, if you want a really good list, use :

1. Ezreal
2. Vlad
3. Mordekaiser
4. Katarina
5. Kennen

Ezreal BARELY beats vlad mid; it all depends on skill. The reason I put him as #1 is because mystic shot does INSANE damage, the highest of any early game nuke, if you have the right runes and gear. The mana cost is low, cooldown is low, and it is long ranged and has an epicly large hitbox. Ezreal dominates mid with the right poking. He just forces them back with pure dmg. And his teleport move enables him to escape OR gank, it's very versatile.

Kennen should be mentioned. I know he's not played much anymore, but he really does insanely well mid. I've had katarina games where I barely kept pace with kennen. A GOOD kennen will force you back with ninja stars, and stun you anytime you come close. They are long ranged, fast, and don't run out of mana.

Just my 2 cents.

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Mid should be for someone who needs the level and XP and not just about the best 1v1er. Sure, Morde is a great 1v1 guy, but what exactly does he do that's so scary in teamfights again?

Contrast Ezrael or Morgana, who can be hideously scary in teamfights and need more items to get going. Katarina makes a pretty good mid, Vlad too, but for all the people suggesting Heimer or Sivir or Morde . . . meh.

Same thing for Janna. Don't get me wrong, I love having a good Janna on my team. But she's better off supporting than mid-laning in favor of dear little Tristy or Annie who can inflict a lot more hurt if leveled faster and farmed up.

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Have you seen my bear tibbers? Oh it's over there rocking their mid.

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The champion you want in mid is not necessarily the one with infinite harassment capabilities and laning longevity.

Believe it or not, both of those characteristics are just as imperative in the side lanes, if not moreso. In a side lane, you have a partner (unless you have a jungler) and thus your infinite harassment can be put to better use, either denying the other laners of EXP and gold through zone control (because there's a lot more room for zone control in the side lanes) or scoring kills.

The champion you want (need) in mid is the one who benefits the most from the level advantage over the enemy team, and the unhindered ability to farm. One whose ult is very useful to the rest of your team, and will provide ganking opportunities. A champion who excels in the mid-to-late game is who you want in mid. This usually translates to a carry.

Your mid champion is inevitably going to level faster and get more gold than the side lanes because they don't have to share the creep kills. You want an item-dependent mid-game allstar in that middle lane, so that they will hit 6 first, they will be farming all the gold they need, and they will be able to immediately turn and start ganking other lanes with their level advantage and carrying abilities. Annie, Anivia, Kat, Ezreal, Ashe and Tristana (in no particular order) fall into this category, and some others. Vladimir and Mordekaiser are the placeholder champions who should only take mid if no more prudent choice is available.

Unfortunately, there is a grand misconception that early-game lane presence translates to a good mid lane champion. In reality, placing Morde or Vlad in mid is a waste. Even Heimer is a bit of a waste, because Heimer's turrets do the same in a side lane as they do in mid, and Heimer can push anywhere. Heimer, however, cannot gank.

The mid champion needs to be a carry who can gank. Period. On your list, Kat > Vlad > Morde. Among all champions, Kat is the only wise mid choice of the three you listed.

TL;DR - Mid solo shouldn't be wasted on a champion whose purpose is to counter other champion(s) in the early game. Put your carry in mid (no, Morde is not a carry) and watch them shine in mid-game. Let Morde and Vlad use their harassment on the side lanes and score kills with the team. That's what they're good for. Leave mid for Annie, Anivia, Tristana and Ashe.

I find myself "carrying" with vlad very often with scores like 20-3 or 14-1. Chances are I will have the advantage in mid (just went up against an ashe, she really couldn't do much), so I'll bag 3-4 kills before laning phase is over. Then I'll go to lanes and gank really well (especially if I ding 11 while everyone else is 7-8) and just shut down teams. By then I tend to have 9-13 stacks of Mejais, sorc shoes and a rylais. I grab a brillance pot and end up destroying the mid game.