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Design Rune buying like Champ buying

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This most recent patch, an announcement was made which is now buggy, having runes above your usage amount are not allowed to be bought, is one step in the right direction of how rune buying "should" be in my eyes. What I wonder is, why not have it like champion buying is? While in addition to the things already in place, why not have a way to check the number of runes I have of a certain type, and allow me to click a button to instantly buy the max amount remaining I would need, like you can instantly buy 1 rune.

Then, after all 9 (or 3 for quints) runes are bought, the rune disappears from the rune buying screen, like champions do. If I already have the max amount, why would I need to buy more? I understand if someone uses the rune combiner, they'll then have 8 and need to buy another later, but who actually uses that rune combiner? I never have, as trading 3 for 1 doesn't make any sense, and level 3 runes are the only ones worth buying at all. I'm sure people do it for the heck of it, or maybe you can refine old level 1 runes (why you would buy those I don't understand) into level 3 runes later? It just seems so much more clean to take out the rune combiner, add a button to get the remaining of my usable runes I need, and remove them from the shop when they're done, so this kind of thing couldn't happen in the first place.

Thank you for your time.