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Game MVP Vote

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This is a very simple idea. At the end of each match it would be interesting to have each team vote for any member other then themselves as the MVP of the team.

When elected, the MVP would receive 15-25 additional IP as a bonus, and loss forgiveness for the match or +5 to his elo rating should he win. Additionally he will accumulate an MVP counter which can be seen publicly on a users profile by their wins or perhaps by hovering over it.

This would provide a strong incentive for team mates to cooperate and support their team rather then padding their stats or complaining about wasted time. The MVP bonus will negate their loss of elo and provide IP that is about equal to a win without any extra bonuses.

On a users profile the MVP status will be a badge of honor to display as a recognition of skill and ability to function on a higher level team as well as providing a nice reinforcement for good behavior during matches. The detrimental effects of a players bad behavior will be made apparent to them in a way that encourages and rewards improvement.

Basically in order to be acknowledged as a higher level player people will have to seek out the MVP points at every opportunity which should increase the level of play and professionalism in both ranked an unranked matches

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You may want to consider this proposal: