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Jarvan IV

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Most fun I've had on dom since... forever!
It's beyond me how he's not more played. I play vs one extremely rarely. And sometimes people even tell me to build tankier before going trinity.. Like if people don't have a good understanding of how he can be a beast burst melee. He packs so much utility too...

Pretty much the only thing I don't like about J4 is.. His long hair. haha

Anyways, I build him like this:

prospectors, ionian boots, brutalizer, trinity, hexdrinker / atmas, last whisper, ghostblade

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i believe you only need 25% CDR to be able to dragonstrike/flag combo two times 1 flag. A brutalizer + masteries +runes generally get you to that if not very close.

The great thing about jarvan is you can go 3 routes with him.
1)tanky dps - trinity, ghostblade/last whiseperer, Frozen Heart and odyn's or force of nature, aegis/wit's end
2)carry - trinity, infinity edge, last whisperer, wit's end, sanguine - his damage is scary with just trinity and IE, I have 3 shot a twitch with just auto attack, knockup and ult.
3) tank - merc treads, frozenheart, odyn's, frozen mallet, zeke's, atmas

he can save people with his ult and then flag + dragonstrike away, does great at isolating squishies, buffs team mates with flag, just a great champ overall.

I usually take 9-21 with him and build him tanky dps - trinity, ghostblade, atmas nad then armor/MR
i run armor pen reds, flat armor yellows and CDR blues with flat health quints on jarvan. You could substitute quints with whatever you want, its personal preference.