Would love to see more mastery pages~!

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I'm sure i haven't been the first to post this, and i'm sure I won't be the last :P

Just gonna throw my current setup out there and try and emphasize why more mastery pages is necessary at this stage of LoL's evolution.

--Multiple game modes, which require different mastery setups
--Such a large amount of heroes that require diversity to pull the best out of

My Current Mastery Setup:
1: AD Jungle/AD carry hybrid setup (21/9/0)
2: Hybrid Jungle (9/12/9)
3: Maokai Jungle (0/11/19)
4: Defensive Jungle (9/21/0)
5: Defensive Jungle2 (0/21/9)
6: Ability AD (21/0/9)
7: Support (0/9/21)
8: Mage (21/0/9)
9: Kennen (9/0/21)
10: Akali (21/6/3)

Now, this is JUST for Summoners Rift... i enjoy both game modes and play both.

Honestly i can easily think of more pages i'd love to have =P

And it would be nice to have 5-10 more masteries (especially if i could have 1 mastery page per rune page to match up :P)