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Lobby Youtube Video

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Is there any chance we could get the ability to move, edit, or close the video window in the league lobby? I understand the desire to get people interested in the community and the informational role it plays. But between every game to have the same face jeering at me gets under my skin. I'd really love to be able to shut the window so that there just isn't a video in the lobby, but perhaps even just move it around? ...or heck, just don't have nikasaur on the stationary picture of the videos each week. How about pictures of the various cheeses of the world...or, you know, something league related.

Also, what are the chances on a more robust search function in the featured games to spectate? I mean, having 5 games (mostly ranked) is nice, but it would be better if there were more options one could cycle through. I don't think I've seen a dominion game on the list yet either, or 3s.