How to use Blitzcrank

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I've always wanted to learn how to use him, but never been able to figure it out. I feel like he has good CC, but i dont quite know when to use him or what to do with him.

Jungle or support? What build? etc. I like the idea of having the pull+etc, and think that the skill involved seems awesome, but i cant seem to figure the rest out.

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He has amazing cc...
A grab
Knock up
Aoe Silence
And movement speed is pro
Can be either jungle or support, this guide is jungle...
Only use as support if other supports cant heal (janna, nunu or without support)

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Blitz is great for support, and here's why:

1) His abilities have effects that don't benefit from items.

Hook, uppercut, silence, haste- none of them benefit much from ap or ad. His mana barrier passive really only needs a tear, which should be in the very beginning of your build. Blitz basically doesn't need money- and he'll get enough assists in the early game that you'll always have more than you expected.

2) He can't heal, but he will keep pressure off of your carry.

People fear the hook. And they should, since it is usually followed by even more cc and tons of damage from your carry. Win your lane by intimidation.

3) Blitz translates surprisingly well into late game.

You'd think that all that single target cc would mean he's gonna suck in teamfights. But his grab is wonderful for initiating and protecting carries during team fights, his AoE silence is Bouse, and in late game his uppercut has a very short cooldown for a hard cc effect.

4) He is a giant metal golem.

All of his skins are cool as hell.

What more do you need?