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Not yet, you need to rework a couple skills 72 11.88%
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Voters 606 .

Tyzone, The Scholar of the Void

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Champion Design Template: BSMaster, May 1st, 2012
Champion Name: Tyzone, The Scholar of the Void

Pretext:Tyzone is an AP Carry champion designed to harass enemy with a combination of annoying crowd control and set up ganks with his traps. He can be used to support other friendly champions as well by crippling enemies. Positioning and skill with skill shots as well as trap placement will be vital.

Champion Type: AP Carry, Support, Ranged (Can take on a similar role like Lux or Orianna)
On a scale of 10
Difficulty: 7
Ability Power: 9
Attack Damage: 3
Health: 5

Recommended Items

532713 Ionian Boots of Lucidity
532714 Rod of Ages
696637 Morellonomicon
532716 Zhonya's Hourglass
532717 Rabadon's Deathcap
696638 Liandry's Torment

Recommended Summoner Spells
532718 Flash
532719 Ignite
532720 Teleport


Try to keep in mind Void Archiving rotates it's crowd control effects, time your pushes according to the next effect.
Laying a few traps from time to time can potentially save you and your teammates.
Using Diligent Studying can help you land your skill shots and place traps from places that could be useful to you.
Remember that enemies that leave your Forbidden Void are silenced but don't take damage, do what you can with your teammates to keep them inside and kill them.

Playing against Tyzone
Remember Tyzone can apply crowd controls through multiple methods by shooting skillshots which you can dodge or by avoiding traps.
Also keep in mind that Tyzone's trap effects depend on the HP% he placed it down, try not to eliminate too much of his HP to keep his trap's crowd control to the minimum.
Remember to be careful when Tyzone uses Dilligent Studying, he can harass you from a range, stay behind minions to avoid damage.
Ultimate 1 choice Tip
You can either choose to be silenced and escape Tyzone's Forbidden Void or stay in the void and be put to sleep, personally being silenced is a better alternate to being put to asleep on front of your enemies.
Ultimate Alt choice Tip
Try to be very cautious when Tyzone implements his Void Organization ultimate, the portals will deal damage to you and silence you, try to avoid the portals and exit the area of effect. The portals do appear randomly so be cautious.

Base Stats (Taken at Level s 1 and 18)

Health: 375/1779 (+78 per Level)

Mana: 257/1787 (+85 per Level)

Ability Power: 0 / 0 (+0 per Level)

Attack: 56/86 (+1.67 per Level)

Movement Speed: 310//310 (+0 per Level, depends on boots)

Armor: 21/33 (+.67 per Level)

Magic Resist: 30/30 (+0 per Level)

Range: 450

Critical Rate: 0%

Life steal: 0%

Spell Vamp: 0%

Attack Speed: .512/.926 (+.023 per Level)


Passive: Insight of the Void: Every time Tyzone casts a spell, all affected targets are revealed for 5/7/9 seconds. Same enemy champions cannot be tagged within 6/8/10 seconds. The time of being revealed and duration of how many times the enemy champion can be revealed are upgraded at levels 1/7/13. Also enemy champions going into stealth within 2 seconds of the reveal will receive half the reveal duration.

Ability [Q]: Void De-Fragmentation

Type of Skill: Single Target Skill Shot

Cooldown: 6/5/4/3/2 seconds

Cost: 80/90/100/110/120 Mana

Range: 800 Width: 250 Damage: 80/125/170/215/260 (+75% AP) magic damage

Skillshot Speed: 1000 (Reference speed, Ezreal's Essence Flux 1400)

Effect: Slow by 50%/Silence/Blind Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 Seconds

Appearance: A purple Book encased in glowing purple light thrown at a fast speed to another purple portal in thin air at maximum range. (The portal in the air at the end of the skillshot range is an indicator so that the enemy champion will know what direction it is going in.

Description: Tyzone reaches into his Void Archives and pulls out a random piece of useless knowledge and hurls it at an enemy as a skill shot which damages for 80/125/170/215/260 (+75% AP) magic damage. The skill shot has applies a Slow (By 50%), Silence, and Blind in order of usage for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 Seconds. (Example: Tyzone uses Q once, it slows enemy target by 50%, next Q will silence, the one after that will Blind, and etc...) This is similar to Ezreal's Q skillshot.

Ability [W]: Void Beacon

Type of Skill: Set-up Trap Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana Priming Time: 0.5 seconds

Range: 650 Width: 200 Damage: 70/120/170/220/270 (+80% AP) magic damage

Effect: Stun, Snare, Knock-up for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 second Duration of trap: 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 minutes

Max number of traps: 1/2/2/3/3 This trap can be triggered by any type of unit (minion/champions/creeps).
Appearance is a void portal (similar to malzahar's) but smaller with a golden outline.

Description: Tyzone places a beacon which is visible to everyone which generates a void portal (200 diameter) and when an enemy/netural unitwalks upon it, they will receive one of the three effects based on the situation of when the trap was placed:
They will be snare if the trap was placed when Tyzone had 60% or higher,
The trap will stun if Tyzone had 30-60% HP.
The trap will knockup if Tyzone had less than 30% HP.
Targets receive a 70/120/170/220/270 (+80% AP) magic damage. Tyzone can have only 1/2/2/3/3 traps out at a time, further traps placed will result in the disablement of older traps. (The knock-up does not have a MS debuff) Traps last for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 minutes. Enemy champions that have been affected by a trap will only receive 50% of the effect if they trigger another one within the timeframe of 5 seconds

Ability [E]: Diligent Studying

Type of Skill: Channel buff.

Cost: No cost Channel time: 1 seconds (Cannot be interrupted unless stunned, silence, suppressed, knockback)

Target: Only self. Cooldown: 12/10/8/6/4 seconds

Effect: Grants Q/W skills a buff charge that dissapears when used.

Duration of Q/W charge buff: Until a Q or W is used.

Appearance: Tyzone opens up a Void portal in thin air and reaches for a book and opens it to study for a few seconds.

Cooldown x Charge: The Ability WILL NOT go on COOLDOWN until the Q or W is USED.

Description: Tyzone looks into his Void Archives and starts concentrating all his mentality and grants his next Void Archiving or Void Beacon a range and damage upgrade.

Q: Skillshot speed is increased from 1000---> 3000 (Yes, that fast) and range is increased from 800---> 1500. Appearance of skill shot will be a ball of energy with electricity arcing out. The skillshot can pierce multiple targets with targets being hit second receiving 50% of the damage and effect.

W: Traps will have a larger activation range of 400 and become only able to be activated by enemy champions and placement range is increased from 650--->1100. Appearance of the trap will be a void portal with electricity arcing out. The trap will last for 3 minutes then revert back to an old trap with a random cc effect for another 3 minutes (max time it can last is 6 minutes) When it reverts, it counts as a normal trap and is applied to the trap counter. There is no priming time.
The trap effect regardless of what Tyzone's HP when placed is a slight pull in (Similar to orianna's ult)

Cooldown of this skill (E) is halved after if the charge was used on Void Beacon.

Ability [R]: Forbidden Void

Type of Skill: Area of Effect CC

Cost: 150/200/250 Mana Damage: 150/300/450 (+70% AP) magic damage

Channel Time: 0.5 Second

Diameter of Area of Effect: 850 Cooldown: 100/85/70 seconds

Placement: Center Activation, such as Nunu, Galio, and Amumu.
Effect: Enemy champions sleep for 1/1.5/2 seconds and are silenced when leaving the area for 2 seconds Duration of the AoE: 4/6/8 seconds

Note: The field cannot move once placed, the silence is only implemented when the champion leaves the field, and the damage is one time only IF they fall asleep inside.
Note 2: If you fall asleep, when you leave the field, you will NOT be silenced.
Note 3: Rylai's Scepter does PROC on this spell, BEFORE the spell damage.

Description: Tyzone reaches into his archive and then implements a field where enemies that walk through and stay in the zone for more than 2 seconds fall asleep for 1/1.5/2 seconds and take 150/300/450 (+70% AP) damage. Champions that fall asleep once during the ultimate’s duration cannot fall asleep again.
*Sleep Condition: Target’s will be immobilized but they can still GP oranges/Ali’s ultimate out of it as well as QSS. The duration is still affected by tenacity. Also all summoner spells will be restricted except for cleanse, heal, and clarity. One more thing is that if the enemy has a banshee's veil on, it is nullified when they stay in the field more than 2 seconds but they are pardoned from the damage/sleep of the ult duration. *
Also enemies that walk out of the AoE zone will be silenced for 2 seconds upon leaving the area. If enemies walk in however, this ultimate will NOT do any damage.

(Pretty much this, you stay in the field fall asleep and take damage OR you can leave the field and get silenced for 2 seconds.)

New Suggested Ult Concept b/c Riot might not like the sleep CC-->

Ability [R`]: Void Archiving Organization

Type of Skill: Area of Effect CC

Cost: 150/200/250 Mana Damage: 150/300/450 (+70% AP) magic damage

Channel Time: 1.5 seconds.

Range of placement: 800 Diameter of the field: 800/1000/1200 Cooldown: 100/85/70 seconds

How many Void Portals generated: 7/10/13

Duration: 8/10/12 seconds

Activation Radius: 125 (Approximately the size of Teemo's shrooms)

Effect: Enemies that step onto a Void Portals will teleport to another one in the area of the ultimate taking damage. Enemies that repeatedly step on Void Portals will take 50% reduced damage for each consecutive trigger up to a 30% damage minimum. (Ex. 150 > +75 > +50 > etc...) and are also silenced for 1 second. Also enemies that have been affected by Void portal already are immune to teleporting within 2 seconds
Tyzone starts studying and then implements a field of unstable energy from his Void Archives and multiple Void

Portals start popping up in random locations of the field.

Enemies that walk through a Void Portal will randomly teleport to another one within the field and take 150/300/450 (+70% AP) magic damage. Teleporting again within the field will only cause 50% reduced damage from the base. Enemies that trigger Void Portal teleportations will also be silenced. Enemies cannot teleport again within 2 seconds of just teleporting.
Also the Void Portals once generated will appear randomly in the field at around lasting 1 second each and will not overlap with other portals.

This is a replacement ultimate just in case Riot does not accept my Sleep CC Ultimate.

Champion Quotes and Personal Info:
Moving: Movement is just another thing to study.
Moving (2): Certainly summoner
Attacking: Want to learn something?
Attacking (2): Knowledge is Power
Taunt: Procrastinate? Go die in a corner.
Taunt (2): Lesson’s begun, QUIET.
Joke: Do you like … books?
Dance: Waltz around.
Selection: It seems you wish to study.

Champion Lore:
Tyzone was once a scholar of the Institute of War for Ionia, he was a diligent scholar, always studying in the archives of the Institute until one day. That day, Kassadin was walking by along the hallways of the Institute and as Tyzone was walking around the corner of the Institute, Kassadin ran into him and was abruptly surprised to see anyone coming out of the Institute’s archives and Riftwalked to another part of the Institute. After bumping into Kassadin, Tyzone stood up dazed and then walked into a wall and accidently fell down and put his arms into the rift portal left behind by Kassadin and he screamed and blacked out. Tyzone woke a few days later in the Institute infirmary with his arms bandaged. As the nurse walked in, an arc of purple lightning arced off from the arms of Tyzone setting an infirmary curtain on fire and the nurse screamed. After the fire was contained, Institute officials came to Tyzone based on the nurse’s account of the incident and talked to him. After the officials left, Kassadin who had heard about this incident, Riftwalked in and examined Tyzone’s arms. As Kassadin examined the arms, he became mildly interested and gave Tyzone a possible explanation that his arms had been tainted by the void energy, and upon hearing this, Tyzone confirmed Kassadin’s hypothesis by telling him he did remember falling and putting his hand in a void portal before blacking out and arriving at the infirmary. After being released from the infirmary, Kassadin hid this fact from the rest of the institute and decided to teach Tyzone how to contain the power in his arms. As months passed by Tyzone’s void magic got progressively more contained and eventually it took on the nature of a scholar and by accident, Tyzone on one practice session with his powers found that the void had an archive of forbidden knowledge, and from this archive was multiple secrets that would lead to amazing discoveries. As Tyzone tried to access this forbidden archive in the void, his power violently sparked out of control and blew a hole in the wall of the Institute hallway. As the Institute officials came, they found out about Tyzone’s void powers and called Kassadin to come and examine, and Kassadin came out and explained what he had knew before hand and then the Institute officials deemed Tyzone too dangerous for his fellow peers and sent him to the Proving Grounds of the League of Legends to practice his powers until he could become an official champion to be summoned. Months later after Tyzone was sent to the League, Tyzone’s power was officially complete with control over the void archives courtesy of Kassadin’s interest and Tyzone was summoned to the League to prove his worth to become a champion and here below is the League Judgment.

"Tyzone is a peculiar specimen, I will continue my study of him and the archives" - Kassadin

League Judgment:

Bzzz….. (electric generator sound humming)
“Where am I?” said Tyzone, as he stood up in between two bookshelves that he recognized belonged in the Institute archives.
“Seems like I’m alone. Oh wait. What’s humming around here?” Tyzone said as he remembered hearing a humming sound as he woke up.
Suddenly, a purple light started creeping out from behind a couple books on the shelves and the shelves started arcing purple lightning from each other and a fire started.
“Holy ****, what the hell is happening!” as Tyzone started running through the familiar archive runways he knew so well until he reached the archive doors.
“****, why won’t the door open.” As the Tyzone tried opening the door but found out that it was locked.
Then a purple glow flashed out behind and a long shadow extended swallowing Tyzone within it, and Tyzone looked back around to see Kassadin who spoke in his cold voice, “Tyzone, what is it you seek in the void archives? You know it is fully dangerous.”
Tyzone answered back strongly, “What I seek is the knowledge of the entire void and know why it exists in our world and what it does to affect us.”
“The path you choose is a dangerous path, are you sure you wish to commit your life to this?”
“Yes, I would commit my whole life to this”
“Then you should prepare for what lies ahead of you” as Kassadin opened the door and pointed to a huge rift hole in which purple chains shot out and binded Tyzone in which he thrashed violently.
“WHY are you DOING THIS” yelled Tyzone as he struggled.
“Why do you wish to join the League Tyzone?” said Kassadin.
“Wait what? What are you talking about, we were just talking about the void”, shouted Tyzone as more chains flew out of the void portal to bind him.
“Again, why do you wish to join the league?” said Kassadin but this time in a higher more feminine voice.
“I wish to join the League to find out whatever is contained in the archives of the void and share whatever knowledge that pertains to everyone around me” said Tyzone as he struggled to free himself from the chains to Kassadin.
“Welcome to the League Tyzone” said the summoner as the scene faded away to the dim room of the Institute of War.

Champion Description:

Standard medium build, about 5 ft 10 inches. Wears glasses and there is a hovering purple portal behind him. Wears a light purple robe which has random zig zag patterns all over in gold. Has a purple hair that has a slight tinge of gold.. Has blue eyes and his arms are sticking out of his robe which gently looks very light purple..

Champion Weapon:Tyzone uses a special void portal, outlined in gold as his weapon as he takes out useless knowledge from the void archives throws out what looks like a jumble of letters and words compressed into a cube at his enemies. His attack animation is similar to Orianna's as he throws his cube like auto attacks from his void portal that hovers right next to him..

Reply from Siphidious from a Support Ticket Submission.
Siphidious, May 26 12:49 (PDT):

Hello Summoner,

Thanks for the suggestion, it looks pretty cool! I'll forward this to the design team but I also recommend that you keep posting ideas and suggestions like this on our champion concept forums. These forums are intended to showcase great ideas like this. Riot members are always checking the forums for inspiration on new character elements and you can get helpful feedback and support from your fellow summoners.

The League of Legends concept forums forums:
NA - http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=40

EU West - http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=48

EU Nordic & East - http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=48

Best regards,

Riot Games Player Support

Riot Games Disclaimer/Release from author (myself):
As a member of the Riot forums, I give full legal permission to Riot Games in the case they ever decide to use my ideas, whatever legal reasons they cannot. I also swear on my sacred honor that I will not try to sue or argue that in any case ever that Riot would "steal" my ideas or any form of that. *I will add on any later releases or legal statements or terms that will be required in the case that my idea does get Riot's interest, for the time being, this will do.*

Edit: 1000+ Views Getting somewhere...good reviews so far....
Edit: 2000+ hmm....a lot of views but little reviews...
Edit: 3000+ still more views but not too much reviews.....
Edit: 4000+ A lot and some recent reviews, i'll probably edit some more, clear up stuff...
Edit: 5000+ Man a lot of reviews i believe a lot of champ threads usually on the 1st page don't have this much, well the reviews are coming less now...
Edit: 6000+ ...really...now....sooo....boring....so many views, so little reviews....hey it rhymes...
Edit: Put in reply from Siphidious. Looking hopeful.
Edit: 7000+. ....any more comments guys?....im lonely..
Edit: 8000+ Views. LOL
Edit: 9000+ Views.... NEIN COMMENTs.....WHY???
Edit: 10000+ Views HOLY........Riot consideration plox?
Edit: 11000+ Views.......meh.
Edit: 12000+ Views......still...barely any reviews...and i'm at 46% by this point come on guys...
Edit: 13000+ Views....gee this was reached rather quickly. and I got 2 reviews this time...YAY....KEEP THEM COMING..
Edit: 14000+ Views....dam people, more reviews plox?....but hell keep voting...
Edit: 15000+ Views...................soooo much views, but im only on my 37th page. More reviews and votes guys, I enjoy your support and criticisms.
Edit: 16000+ Views, so far now guys. I really do hope Riot considers this. More reviews the better also.
Edit: 17000+ Views, HELLZ YEA GUYs.
Edit: 18000+ Views, keep them coming, maybe Riot will notice...^_^
Edit: 19000+ Views, Maybe Riot will put a sticky?
Edit: 20000+ Views. Wellz then, I finally hit 20,000...Riot? You need a new objective to start looking in these forums.
Edit: 21000+ views, we need a Red sticky here. it would be nice.
Edit: 22000+ views, lol Reds you need a new objective.
Edit: 23000+ views, Bump and added a riot disclaimer.
Edit: 24000+ views, Current Objective: FINDING A CONCEPT ARTIST.
Edit: 25000+ views, Still finding a Concept artist if anyone else is interested.
Edit: 26000+ views, Conceptual artists are so scarce these days...
Edit: 27000+ views, ^ same as before and I've gotten a whole lot less reviews for like a month now.
Edit: 28000+ views, its been a few months.
Edit: Changed Q "Void Archiving" to "Void De-Fragmentation" to make more sense.
Edit: 29000+ views, 1 review.
Edit: 30000+ views, Lovely concept artist attempt, looks really nice.
Edit: 31000+ views, Well gotten a view suggestions here and there, but I still don't know what to tweak up or down. Still waiting for Riot to even bother noticing this.
Edit: 32000+ views, with the new season update, I'll probably have to change some of the items. I'll get to work on it asap.
Edit: Changed the number on a few skills.
Edit: 33000+ views, its certainly been a long time, 7 months do fly by fast.
Edit: Added Uracil's champion sketch of Tyzone, looks good for a sketch.

Champion Concept Designs
First attempt by Roew, give a hand to him for trying.
Trying to get more artists.
Second attempt by Uracle, give him a hand for a sketch.
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...9%2Ftyzone.png (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/redirect.php?do=verify&redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fimg560.imageshack.us%2Fimg560%2F8539%2Ftyzone.png)

Please leave some constructive feedback, thank you. I've been working on this champion design for quite some time now.

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Can someone give me a good review please?

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Wow, I mean just wow.
I would review this and start pointing out things that were bad but there really wasn't. Other than the coding pains but I don't think that it will be too hard.
A bit of confusion, is it possible to have all three/two of the status effects with W/Q?
I mean... just wow!
Mind if you review right here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2091698)now?

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lol Cahke14u,
It is possible to have 3 status effects in W and Q, because
1. I specified they can only be triggered randomly so it isn't always consistent
2. I did think about how much CC Tyzone can cause, but given with decent and moderate cool downs, it wouldnt be too much of a problem.
3. I restrained from putting crippling CC on Q because that would be Tyzone's spamming ability.
4. But i put the crippling CC on W since it would work well as a trap.

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Kuyo Shibari

Senior Member


Wow, very nice, this champion would be amazing in the Field of Justice, im sure of it, PROPS to if riot acutally puts him in the game my friend

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Kuyo Shibari

Senior Member


Would love to have you check out my champion here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2084509)

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Thanks for the comment, sure I'll review

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Senior Member


Like the passive, but I think there are already champion abilities and items in the game that have the same effect. Twisted Fate, Noctune, I know one of Talon's, and one or two items in Dominion.

Abilities Q-E. LoL really needs more randomness in it. TF has it, but with that it's more skill and luck than just flat out either. The E is kind of funny, I have to admit.

The R ability has me confused. Is it a stationary thing, does he have to stay still? Or is it just something he throws down and then he can move?

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Like the passive, but I think there are already champion abilities and items in the game that have the same effect. Twisted Fate, Noctune, I know one of Talon's, and one or two items in Dominion.

Abilities Q-E. LoL really needs more randomness in it. TF has it, but with that it's more skill and luck than just flat out either. The E is kind of funny, I have to admit.

The R ability has me confused. Is it a stationary thing, does he have to stay still? Or is it just something he throws down and then he can move?

Thanks for the review.
For the passive, none of the champions have an ability as far to my knowledge that tags an enemy champion with sight but WW's Hunger Call. Talon's tagging is just a blood trail which most people tend to ignore so I don't count that one. Yes you are correct that it is related to a few items on Dominion but this is meant to work in all game modes.

Q and W are meant to be a surprise to the enemy and to teammates because you aren't gonna ever predict. I put the uncrippling CC on the Q for spam usage and the crippling CC on the W for traps so it can't be abused.

The R to clear up I can summarize in this:
Think of Viktor's Gravity Field, Now enlarge that so its around the size of Amumu's Ultimate, Now apply the effect that if an enemy champion stays in there for too long, they fall asleep and take a one time damage, after waking up, they can stay in there or walk out. It is an ability that he can throw done and move also.

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I like the idea for the champion. But it seems as if he has a bit too much health. The more I read about your champion, the less I see him having that much health late game. The mana I can see, even if you buffed it a bit. But since he isn't really going to get really close to anyone anytime soon (At least I don't think he wants too lol) I feel like that much health is a little too much. Maybe four hundred less would make a bit more since. This of course is just my opinion.

I love the Lore behind your character as well as the judgement and the description for some reason reminds me of a mix between Kassadin, Talon, and Ryze thrown into one.