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Improve the Featured Game Display

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Right now its default until you mouse over is to just show you the champs being played and nothing else. This is pretty darn silly for several reasons. For one I'm pretty sure that for big names like Dyrus people care a lot more about Dyrus being in the game than the fact that X champion is in the game. Secondly, this is the way *I* use spectator mode: I look for a name I recognize from streams (either streamers or people who played with them) and spectate that regardless of the champs for the most part.

The animation for mousing over is flashy and actually makes it hard for me to see the names because the movement is distracting and honestly makes my eyes feel a little dizzied. This wouldn't be so bad except that I have to do it a minimum of 5 times to look at the current featured games, if not more given that I might need to compare two of them. All this because you'd rather that the default display be *less* informative and remain a fairly meaningless combination of 10 champion icons that give me no reason to care about a particular game.

TLDR I know there aren't that many featured games to navigate but somehow you made navigating them as painful on my eyes (with flashy animations zipping back and forth all the time) and as tedious for my mouse as you possibly could. Could you just remove all the bloody animations and just display the player names next to the champion icons? That would be a 300% improvement.