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Solo rank ideas amidst qq

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Kokoro Okami

Senior Member


My last 2 ranked games were just 3 v 5s, I would like to have loss forgiveness for this especially because i was dropped out of the queue 4 times and back in because people left. I was matched with the same two people all 4 times and when we get in game, they just leave. Duo troll afk team is not cool.

If somebody is gone for 15-20 mins, the game shouldn't even count for either side. I don't care if people "abuse" it, find a way to make it happen. Or, add the majority vote kick option for ranked solo queue only. A vote kicking option in solo can't be abused really, the person kicked should lose elo, and be tagged troll/afk/negative b4 game/ etc.

I think it should eventually be where people that afk/leave/negative attitude should all play exclusively with each other. People with so many leaves or tags would all be put together, so it's perfect. Good players playing competitively and with sportsman like attitudes and ****ty players griefing the hell out of each other. When you start performing better you'd pull yourself out and into more competent teams that want to play and not troll and abuse others.

Just about every single game I queue for I have some troll calling duo mid or picking a full man squishy team and feeding, it's just so dumb. The solo rating shouldn't come from whether or not the team went to victory or not but it should be based on each individual player's performance, thus it's actually a solo rating.

The solo player's performance should be rated on their character's role and if they fulfilled certain conditions in the game, like cs high for adc low for support, wards purchased, total gold earned, kills, deaths, etc. That way if they do well and lose, they don't lose so much elo but instead gain/lose based on how they did.

I would also love to see a "true" match history where it shows all 5 teammate's results on your history window and possibly your enemies. These cries are as empty as your magma chamber, they will also never see the light of desk lamps. I have some problem player in just about every single game and I'm sure you all do, qq over, judge me.