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how to taric ?

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how do you play him ? item build and masteries with runes and such .

i just bought him and im thinking about getting the armor of the fifth age skin

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There are several different ways to play Taric. AP, AD, or tank.

Tanky Taric is the most consistent Taric imo, and is what I usually go to when the team is in desperate need of someone who can stun and someone who isn't made of paper.

8/1/21, focusing on cooldowns, movement speed, and the revive mastery.
My runepage for Taric is MR/level reds, HP/level yellows, MR/level blues, and MS quints. Any reds will do though.

Item build is never set in stone. Taric only needs four things: CDR, health, AR, and MR. There are a lot of items that provide many of these stats. Auras are nice to have, but your ult should be sufficient support for allies.... though Aegis is still a good choice since it does give you a good amount of all three of the tank stats.

Skills are R>E>W>Q. I don't put a point in Q at Lv4 if I'm not planning on getting Glacial Shroud/FHeart early since it doesn't heal much and I risk OOMing with it.

If my build puts me over 40% CDR, I sometimes sell CDR Boots and grab Mobility Boots or Merc Treads. If I expect it to go over 40% I might not even get the CDR Boots.

I almost always start Boots + 2 Rubies. Rubies probably have the most build options of all items, and people can't help but hit the guy with the big lifebar.

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Support Taric is what I play. It works really with Auto Attack champs, especially Vayne. At one point everytime I saw a Vayne in champ select I'd go Taric.

Attack Speed Marks, HP/L Seals, Movement Speed Quints, MR/L Glyphs
8/1/21 Masteries 4 points in Alacrity (Attack Speed)
Heal / Exhaust

Start Kindle Gem, boots, 2 HP pots, 2 Mana Pots.

Max Q then W,

Mobility Boots,
Zekes Herald

Everything else situational,

Hextech Sweeper,
Frozen Heart
Soul Shroud

Late game you will be quite tanky, so you can tank towers all day, But generally you're just an Aura Tank, stay alive, and keep everyone else alive. Get close to the enemy debuff their armour, and then step back if you need to.

Zone people out by threatening to stun, protecting your carries. Remember to auto attack minion waves to regen mana. If you get soul shroud you will not run out of mana, but I generally don't build it, unless the team mates carrying are the mages, and my dps are failing.

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Magic pen reds, 21/9/0 mage masteries.

Sorc Shoes.
You are ready.

Run up into melee range.
All at once: DFG, Dazzle, Radiance, Shatter.

Enemy is now dead, unless they're a bruiser. Gems. Shift+1.

Wait 1 minute for DFG/ultimate cooldown. Repeat.

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He is aura tank. He dont have hard cc like alistar and leona but his aura counters current ad meta.

mastery: 9/21/0 or 0/21/9.

skill order:
Take one point each. R>W>Q>E

start item ninjatabi + health crystal. or boots + health crystal + dran
Then agies, frozen.