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With all my passion, I request you undo the Rumble audio nerf

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Good eventide, my fine sir!

What say you here? Rumble's sounds, his sonic attire; his acoustical identity... altered?

I must admit, the thought is bewildering! Inconceivable! Here I was, reading thy discontent, charging myself with the mission of finding out why this calamity took place!

But, alas! After lunging at Jay, our Sound Designer, deeming him an uncouth ruffian and a brigand for this crime, it was utter surprise that I found on his face! "Rumble's sounds, changed? Nay, methinks not! I pray you, look, it is unchanged!" said he.

Seeing and, by my troth, hearing Rumble's sounds in their purest form, displayed in front of me, I murmured, "I see, verily, that it is so", and left his room with hanging head.

I pray you, sir, where hast thou experienced this happenstance? For I shall do my utmost to unravel this mystery.