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Champion select - draft pick (unranked)

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Hi, I'm CaptCraigslist and while I'm not at the top tier of the competition, I know how to play on a team, I am able and willing to sub into any position, and I communicate well.

I am unusually frustrated right now because of champion select. I have to suck it up through 5-6 queue dodgers on average to get to one game, and it is really annoying. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's me- but that's not who I'm upset with. I'm so tired of people going into a draft pick game with the auto-lock-ranged-AD-carry mentality. If you're not going to even try to play like you're on a team, go back to blind pick. We Don't Want You.

Until there's a way to report trolls in champ select I guess it's just something we have to put up with. But every time it happens, I am a little less motivated to play the game.

Thanks for reading my little rant.
---a paying customer.

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It really sucks when draft queue is 5+ mins wait time. If you plan on auto locking, play blind where the wait is 20 seconds. Some of us want to practice for when we hit 30 and can go ranked. Draft dodging should carry stiffer penalties (allow one free per day to counter troll picks, hour ban for leaving more)