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Warning about...griefers. Admin(s)?

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Eternis Requiem

Junior Member


I'm sorry, I don't know if this is appropriate, and I don't even know where to put this, and I'm concerned the Tribunal is going to skim over this because of the following situation.

For the first time in a LONG time me and my duo got trolled exceptionally hard by a 3-person pre-made team. I really wanted to warn people because this was just... Absolutely ridiculous. I can't believe this happened.

This is... Just ridiculous. 3 premade, 3 smite, Amumu and I were convinced to get wriggles early to do 15 min baron, kept it for wards, kept telling other team that it was our fault and completely trolling. THEN they immediately started to be completely careless and didn't support in the least, causing me to be completely ineffective. I kept the stupid wriggles instead of selling it to try and make up for my lack of money buying wards, and all three very convincingly said between 3 smite and two extra wriggles 15 min baron would be real easy.

If this wasn't enough, they then started speaking in /all chat to the other team that Amu and I were the trolls because we both had wriggles and i was abused to the nth degree mid by all of their team, I was completely useless and everybody was feeding first. Then I asked them to push after the 3rd failed surrender and then they said it was me with the negative attitude, and they kept swearing up and down that they never said anything about Baron and whatnot.

I'm not sure if this is kosher or what, but I need to try, this was the worst experience in League of Legends and I'm really, really disappointed and wanted to warn people about this sort of behavior.

I stupidly closed my client not realizing that recently played would be cleared, so I can't give you the names of the people, but if you see a trio of smite (They were singed/cho/shen), I'd be cautious, and, while I would almost never encourage queue dodging... This might be an appropriate time to do so.

Anyways, because I'm sure the two of us got reported and we don't have nearly the wins as they did (One of them had about 702 or so?) and I'm concerned this sort of behavior will be overlooked due to how they made the two of us look.

And I'm sorry again if this is somehow against the rules or something, or in the wrong forum but I really wanted to let people know. I don't know if some sort of administrator can look into these guys or see who was in my match history or what, but I really think they need to be looked into.

Hope you all don't run into this.