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Mirror Mode - My Concept For A New Mode

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Watching the Korean blind mode for their tie breakers in each round gave me this idea after seeing three of the same champs on both teams. I think this idea will be much easier to implement than a new map, and I think we all would like to see something new. This will be for Rift of course.

Mirror Mode - Exactly what it sounds like. All five champs on one team is played on the other. This only leaves variety for where people go for their lanes, masteries/rune pages, summoner spells, and which abilities people choose to level first. This mode will rely more on in-game strategy rather than strategizing during picks on team comp and lane countering. Also, you cannot force a specific meta to be used (not that you can ever, although one is highly preferred) and people who pick later in the team seeing their favorite champion role being picked still can play that role, e.g. everyone can be heavy bursting AP champions if they want. I've come up with three sub-modes, which on roll out (if rolled out, lol), shouldn't all be rolled out at once, otherwise, queues will just take forever since this probably won't be very popular from the get go and don't want whatever player pool to be so thinly spread out. Here they are:

MIRROR MODE - BAN 3 (Must own 30 champions)
This mode is like draft pick. First players take turns banning 3 champions. How players pick now will be the same for the most part for the other two modes. First player picks a champion they want to play. All picks are visible by both teams. First player of opposing team now gets to decide if s/he wants to play that champion by clicking it or clicking on another champion. For example, First team picks Ahri, a popular AP mid. First player of enemy team who likes to play AP mid might either lock Ahri in for both teams or choose another AP mid. Another option rather than trading at the end is to give up first pick slot to another player that likes to play AP mid. The advantage of this is to have both players of the opposing teams keep picking from their pool of AP mid champs available so both mid laners have a champ they are comfortable with. This goes back and forth until everyone is locked. Second round of picking, the team who picked second now gets to pick first. Of course, to save time, if there is only one combination of champions left for both teams to start playing, server will auto lock the summoners' champions to save time. Also, players are obviously queued for the possibility of a mirror mode game. I didn't do the math, so 30 champions might be too little. I definitely want to avoid most queues auto locking everyone as that takes away some of the excitement of this mode. Although, this could be a nice quick mode all on its own (as I read someone suggest in another thread ).

In this mode, there are no preliminary bans. This mode encourages people to pick champions that are usually banned a lot because they are either super annoying or totally OP. For example, first player picks Shaco. First player of opposing teams can either pick Shaco as well, or pick another champion. If Shaco is locked, first round banned nobody. If enemy team picks Rammus, the other team can either lock in Rammus or pick another champion. If another champion is picked, Shaco and Rammus are now banned. Second round gives the other team the power to possibly ban champions if none were banned during the first round. In this round, there is definitely the possibility that both first players keep picking different champions until everyone is forced to auto lock whatever champions they have left for a mirror game.

Same as the previous, but instead of the first two rounds elimination the champion pool, it goes all the way to the fifth round.

Alternatively, you can mix in the ability to not be able to see what the opposing team is picking in any of these modes. For a quicker game set up, maybe everyone gets to pick a champion, and whenever there is a match, those players auto lock in. If let's say 2 players in the same team pick Ahri, and one on the other, the first player to lock in gets Ahri, while the other picks another champion in round 2.

Of course, as exciting as this mode can be, it can take a while to finish all the picks. Count down will be reduced to 5-10 seconds. If you dodge, the time to join this mode should be set to 20 minutes at least. Dodging, I would say, would be less of a problem than normal draft because the common reasons people dodge is their role being taken or someone picking outside of North American meta. Nevertheless, dodging is annoying, and because of the amount of time invested towards picking, 20 minute ban from this mode should deter the trolls.

Mind Games - For the last two game modes, there leaves room for some mind games. For example, if someone picks a typical mid laner, the other team can pick a strong jungler. Now, the first team can be like. "Oh..., they want to jungle. let me pick Shaco so he gets banned too!" Enemy team say, "You fool! That's what I wanted you to pick. Now I'm gonna choose Shaco because he's so OP." First team says, "Oh ****, wanted them to pick another champion. Anyone want to jungle? We can trade later."

Also, the number of champions owned definitely will be way off. I just threw numbers out there. If not many people are entering the "3 Ban Mode," 30 champions might lead to too many auto locks or very long queues. Feel free to suggest more realistic numbers, but also keep in mind, the higher they are, the more you exclude members of the community.

If you read this far, thank you very much! Sorry for all the typos >.<