[Suggestion] Spectator mode directed camera mode priorities

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I just spectated a game using directed camera mode, and in my opinion it seems to work really well, except one thing. The camera actually focused setting on pink ward over double kill. I think this should be the vice versa. Showing kills over someone planting pink wards in the directed camera mode.

Otherwise about the camera mode, I have to admit that this directed camera mode works extremely well.

Edit. PS. This happened in Eu West, but since there is not a proper sub forum for these kinds of suggestions, I posted it in NA forums.

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Yeah, I spectated a couple matches yesterday and I noticed it sometimes doesn't bother to switch to a fight (even fights with multiple champions) until just before the kill despite the fact it's settled on a spot where very little is happening. I've even seen it prioritize looking at Udyr standing in front of the wolves he just killed over a teamfight.

The directed camera definitely still needs some tweaks, but it's good the majority of the time and we're able to rewind when it messed up.