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Anti afk System in Champion Select

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Here is my idea for a easy anti afk system in Champion Select.

Give players the ability to vote that someone is afk, if they receive more than 2 votes, then popup a warning on the player who is afk. Allowing them to cancel the warning and prove they are at the computer.

This warning will have a button the player needs to press. 60 seconds if they have not yet picked a champion/afked into one.

After the last Character in Draft mode has chosen a champion then no one can vote kick anyone within a set time, to ensure no one is kicked right as they afk to wait for the game to start after actually selecting their champions.

In Blind pick it would allow it anytime, up until the last 10-20 seconds, if the player talks in chat then it won't matter if they afk at the end.

If the afk suspected player hits the button they cannot be voted afk again in the champion select.

Another mechanism that could be put into place to ensure people are not falsely voted against is make it so that if the player chats in the champion select menu, they cannot have a vote against them initiated.

Is it flawless no... def not, but less annoying than making players dodge.

In regards to ranked i would say give the afk the -elo hit, not a massive one but enough to discourage it.

TLDR - Vote afk in champion select with anti abuse mechanisms. Chat = can't be voted against.

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Good idea, but I feel like the real problem is dodges, not afk. Games rarely start with a player AFK, and half of the time the afk player comes back and dodges after seeing their random pick.

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I feel like this would be a solution to one of the problems in champion select. It may not be the only problem or biggest problem, but it would help elevate part of the issue with people screwing other players over by afk'ing into the match.

I came here to suggest that instead of having the queue drop at the end of the secondary countdown when a player closes his client, have it happen at the end of the first countdown, that way people don't feel like they're getting screwed over by dodging and avoiding afk players in champion select. I literally just had this happen to me, all but one of us had picked, and the afk player randoms ashe at the end of the first countdown. I didn't want to get screwed over by not having a tank/having too much ad.

This will also make it so players don't lose elo or having to wait five minutes to start another game when they get screwed over like this.