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What site do you prefer Solomid or Mobafire?

Solomid 189 58.7%
MobaFire 133 41.3%
Voters 322 .

Solomid VS Mobafire

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I Love Slurpees

Senior Member


Using guides instead of making up your own builds/adapting to the enemy team comp... Yay for common sense!

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I honestly like Solomid better. Their guides are approved by 'higher up' players, whereas Mobafire just has a lot of guides by not-well-known people. However, you should NEVER follow the Item builds to every single item. Every game is different. I usually don't follow the item builds on websites like LeagueCraft, Mobafire, Solomid, etc. Instead I experiment with my own builds. I only use them for the jungle paths (not that much anymore) Masteries and Runes.

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Junior Member


I don't use mobafire. I only use solomid and lolking as a backup! Many of the mobafire builds are very outdated and they are mostly glass cannon... solomid is a good website for good builds however, solomid does have downsides.