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Morgana Normal Blind Pick

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Team had a rough start, as Mundo was able to get 5 kills within the first 20 minutes, and Caitlyn soloing a lane. I built the sorceror shoes and 2 Doran's rings first then rushed to get a Rabadon's Deathcap, and then built the rest slowly.

But, somehow, we won... I was wondering, is this a normal item build for Morgana? In team fights I went more with a dark binding + torment soil poke and shielded whoever was getting burst on the most. Then, when they got close enough, I would flash into the middle of them (while they were focusing on someone else) and begin to soul shackle, and shield myself (which later became Zhonya's active). It worked, and any survivors after that was just dark binded and torment soil again. Opinions? I just played from how I usually did during AI fights.

Um.. the picture's small. My score was 10/1/15.