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Game Over Screen Suggestions

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Vin Sin

Junior Member


The grid and graph could have an option to view the stats of the game at different intervals of time during the game (example: an option to check the stats at 10 minutes into the games, 20 minutes into the game... all the way to endgame).

Summoners who left the game could have their names grayed out.

Also, with the new addition of Spectator Mode, a list of names of summoners who viewed the game could be added. A button saying view spectators could be implemented to the right or left of the game's K/D/A vs. K/D/A.

A small button next to the [+] "add friend" button could be included for the winning team and team members vote on which member did best. The summoner with the most votes gets extra IP (1 IP per minute the game lasted) or something along those lines. If there is a tie, they split the points. In many games there are multiple huge contributors but some games have an experienced summoner who worked well with the others, helped them, and the team would have lost the game if a lesser player was in that position.