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Lady Fiddlesticks

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Cyber Horse

Junior Member


Hi, my name is Hannah, and I'm just your typical girl. I sing and draw and play video games (mostly Legend of Zelda and the Batman games.) My friend introduced me to League and I fell in love with Fiddlesticks the minute I saw him. He was just so... Evil! Those glowing blue eyes, that burlap sack of a face, the patchy clothes and that unwieldy scythe of his. And you can't forget his crows! Guaranteed chick magnets.

One night, we were throwing around art ideas, coming up with silly stuff like rainbow crows and Cho'gath with a dress. Then it hit us; what would Fiddlesticks look like as a woman? So here you have it, Lady Fiddlesticks! <3


This is my deviantART if you would like to check out any of my other art
M3TR0PUP (http://m3tr0pup.deviantart.com/)