Is jungling generally viable in blind pick?

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Originally Posted by Xetal View Post
In the SR blind picks I play, I would say that 80-90% of the time we have a jungler on both teams.
It must have to do with the hidden elo.

Most of my games have junglers as well.

However, if I go on a losing streak then I'll start getting those games where the enemy team doesn't have a jungler.

I don't really like jungling in those games, because the top will die to the 1v2 (before you finish your first clear) more often than not.

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Originally Posted by tiburon5 View Post
good tip if you're jungling in a solo queue: if someone starts raging at you, just ignore them. that will happen almost every time that you jungle and one of the lanes starts losing.

more on topic: unless the person on top is getting hard zoned or just dies too much, they should begin to gain significant advantages in levels against the two by about level 4 (they should be level 4 against 2 level 3s). at this point a gank is a viable option (i don't reccommend doing it before this as the damage they get from a gank + the bit of exp you steal during it could end up putting them at a disadvantage). they should also hit level 6 when their opponents are levels 4 or 5. this is PRIME TIME for a gank if you're also level 6. two ultimates vs. no ultimates usually goes better for the two with ults haha.
the main problem with jungling in solo queue is that you rely so much on having someone top who can handle a 2v1 lane. usually if my team has a jungle, ill solo top as garen so that i can play a very passive lane without having to go out of exp range and then i just never push the creeps and only last hit under the tower. in a top lane against 2 your top pick NEEDS to have built in sustain (nasus, trundle, and garen are the best ones for a passive lane imo), otherwise they'll just be harassed out within a minute most games.
I know this to be true. I played as Gangplank for the first time against Garen. Even our jungler ( WW) ganknig with me as well couldnt kill him. And all he had was a doran blade and giantbelt.