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Ban from Ranked Solo/Duo queue for leavers/trolls

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I think Riot needs to get their act together. I think it would improve the situation greatly if someone leaves the game for whatever reason and does not reconnect within (specified amount of time) they get a ban on their account preventing them to queue for a solo/duo ranked for a week at least.

The same should apply to trolls, if at the end of a game you get seven votes (both teams reporting you) you also get this ban after a riot employee checks the logs to make sure there was no foul play.

It would probably happen a lot in the first few weeks but after a week ban the offenders would learn.

League of Legends claims to be a serious e-sport yet Riot does not enforce any kind of punishment for obvious serial leavers and trolls. Take football for example if the referees were to talk a walk and just leave the teams to do whatever they wanted, I am sure it wouldn't be very enjoyable and it would be plagued with cheating and grief. In an online game Riot has to provide tools that replace those referees so that we can have an enjoyable time.

I also realize that is mostly needed for the ranked solo/duo queue. I don't see it being needed in the premades or normal games.