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Do you think this is a good idea?

Yes! 3 100%
No! 0 0%
Don't care, I could see it working 0 0%
I don't understand 0 0%
Voters 3 .

Queue systen

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I, and I'm sure many others have felt the terrible feeling of when you go ahead and do a queue, solo or even with friends, normal or ranked, and you get someone you don't want to be in a game with. Be it an AFK-er, someone who ignores teamcomp, an autolocker, or just a plain troll who says he's going to throw the game, there are definitely people this game would be better without, and the solution is simple. If a way to "kick" or "boot" someone from the queue was enabled, these players could be removed from your queue, no problem, with a simple voting system.

Say your solo queueing, and you notice that one of the players on your team is afk. The other three players also notice, and the question comes up. "Who's going to dodge?" Nobody wants to be this person. Stuck unable to join a game for another five minutes, then having to wait for another match to be found, possibly with the same thing happening again. If the player could simply be removed, nobody would have to queue dodge, and nobody would have more than 30 seconds of their life wasted.

Or say, perhaps, (and this one has happened to me more times than I can count, and has given me more than 100 losses) two people who argue over a lane. One player picks Annie, and says "I'm mid," and locks in (which I don't approve of! Riot remove lock in! But that's for another thread). A mere 15 seconds later, another player picks Karthus, and says "no im mid." Most people don't dodge in this situation, and the game is lost for the team because one decides that what he wants is more important than the win they could have had.

I have over 900 wins, so I generally get into queues with people who have player atleast 1000 games, meaning that these people who ruin games, and making the entire gaming experience just flat out awful, have done this to more than just me. If the player could be removed with a vote of 3 or 4, similar to a surrender vote (4 yes and it passes) or something to take account for an afk (3 votes for and 1 unvoted by the time all champions are forcefully locked in) these issues could be solved before they even start.

Hopefully, I'm not the only one who believes than this would make gaming LoL much nicer, so please comment, and give me your thoughts on the subject. Thanks for reading