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I need AD carry Tips

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Being an ADC is all about positioning, in lane phase you never want to be to be in front of your caster minions. Mid/late game, you never want to be in front of your teammates. Just one second of being out of position can get you and your team killed (this goes for most roles, especially mid and adc). Some good champions to learn how to play ADC as are Tristana, Graves, Ashe, Sivir, and Caitlyn. I would say pick one that has a good escape move such as Tristanas jump, Graves' dash and Caitlyns net. A side note to do well as any champion is; do not get discouraged after any amounts of bad games. They happen to everyone. I bought Malzahar and was destroyed mid my first game, I was discouraged and didn't touch him for two weeks. I tried him again, he is one of my favorite mids to play as. Good luck and have fun!