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Origins of Champions in LoL

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I kind of hate seeing Nautilus compared to Big Daddy, because the two are almost nothing alike. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they both wear diving suits and look bulky.

Big Daddies use drills, Nautilus uses an anchor

Big Daddies are genetically altered, Nautilus is a revenant.

Big Daddies can't speak, Nautilus can

and the biggest difference of them both - Big Daddies' goals are to protect Little Sisters, Nautilus' goal is revenge.

Their diving suits don't even look similar >.>

This is BASED on other people not IDENTICAL to other people. So sure there are differences between Nautilus and Big Daddy but Nautilus can still be BASED on Big Daddy. Riot is OBVIOUSLY not going to make a champion IDENTICAL to who they're based on...especially a copyrighted individual from another game.