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Lee Sin jungler, late game

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I've been jungling with Lee Sin for a few weeks now and I usually do fairly well early/mid game.

I build him kinda tanky, boots > wriggles > 2nd tier boots depending on opponent > warmogs > situation dependent

I try to follow TheOddOne's guide http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=9356

My main problem right now is late game. I don't really know what to do in a team fight. As of right now, I Q in to poke and W out right away. If both sides clash, I try to ult someone casting a dangerous spell (nunu's ult or something like that) or try to line up my ult to knockback most of the enemy. Other than that, I don't really do much dps to effect the fight. Or better yet, i don't know how to do enough dps.

Any advice would be helpful. If you know of a website that has a better explanation for late-game teamfights, feel free to share.

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Seeing as you build him tanky, I cannot speak as an experianced Lee Sin player, but I have a Lee Sin Friend who I que with who's 1500 elo or so. Typically late game, his focus is to get the carry. Usually this means kicking the carry's when everyone starts dogpiling. A carry in the middle of a group is dead meat.

Lee's job is to jungle and feed the carry's. His late game is to soak up damage and use his utility to the best of his ability. To me, it seems your build is fine you just haven't advanced enough as player to get the idea of killing the carrys. Even if you die, if you kill a carry and yours are still alive, this is a win situation.

Not to overstate the obvious, but people generally have a horrid time understanding that the more you can give your carry's the more likely you are to win. I'd be happy going 0/10/15 if those 15 went to Vayne, because it means I won. Just like in sports, stats are for losers.

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If you built lee sin with damage (tanky dps - dorans/fratmogs ish) you need to try and get at their AD carry or mage ap carry.

If you built him more tanky (Atmogs/randuins) u want to try to initiate/semi-initiate as well as peel off anybody who dives Your AD carry/mage AP carry with your E and randuins (if u have one) as well as w-ing any squishies that may be in danger.

both these roles have a very powerful ult. try and hit as many as u can with your kick. it can be used to disrupt enemy formation as well as peel enemies off your squishy DPS.