Honestly Guys it needs to stop.

First Riot Post
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Watched the video.

For a game console, where the account is tied to a piece of hardware or software that is basically easy to regulate - YES, an auto mute seems like it could work well. But LoL isn't played on a Console. Even if one account is permaforever banned, the person behind the account can have a new account up and running within minutes. What about blocking communications till a person has invested a significant number of hours into the account? While that surely would work for some games, LoL's basic gameplay requires that Players communicate with each other.

If I were to make any recommendations regarding LOL on this issue - I would recommend implementing an in-game tool for clan/team recruitment. If a player is a part of a team, they are less likely to rage at their teammates, and less likely to go down the road of hate speech out of frustration.

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Must discuss, moar.