Ranked losses.

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Well, this has finally become enough of a problem for me to post. This is about playing ranked games, specifically ranked games in which there is a disconnect. This has nothing to do with rage-quitters or people with shoddy internet, this is solely regarding disconnect.

I was playing out my series today, and was up two wins to zero losses. I went into the third game feeling confident and ready to get promoted. Alas, this was not to be.

Our Lee Sin never connected. He was in champ select, he said a few things to us, picked to fit the team, and everything was fine, so it was nothing to do with anger. We ended up playing out the entire game 4v5 and losing, when with the Lee Sin we very obviously would have won (the enemy team even agreed we would have stomped with a fifth).

It is very frustrating to me that in a case like this, in which there never was a 5th one team for any multitude of reasons you are given a... loss? This has happened to me in this series and two other promotions. I do not think it would be very hard to make it so that in the case of someone never even connecting to the game, you could get a loss forgiven? Or am I just being misguided here?

Anyway, time to play my series again (I ended up losing the next two games as well due to uncooperative "toxic" teammates. T_T) Thanks for your time!

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Post number 5763 about 4v5 matches and not losing points. Are these all over the forum simply because its season end? I can't wait for these posts to end