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The Fiddle's Commandments

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Hello guys, sorry I havn't been writing much. Im moving to canada pretty soon, and im researching about how to build a custom gaming desktop so i've been pretty buzy. I'll get writing as soon as I finish all the researching n stuff which is about next week? I dunno.
Anyways, sorry for the wait if theres anyone still waitin XD

:P Wiz :P

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Waiting to know the end... Nice story .... Ppl r still reading it... So get this story to the end...:-)

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Hello? Hello? Testing, testing. OMG I AM BACK BOYS
Ok, I gotta admit, this was suppose to be a lost project, and origionally I had completely no intentions of bringing it back, but then I saw G0nd0la's post, and felt like I shouldn't leave something unfinished :P
I don't know how many are still aware of this story's exsistance, but I will go on. The story must go on! -_o

Chapter 8 - Fall Of The Secrets
“Sona wait!”
Katarina was running to catch up with Sona’s by following her melodies, but she simply floated too fast to catch up to. Sona was in deep sorrow. Tears continued to flow down her cheeks, and she could not hear Katarina’s shouts.

“Fiddlesticks…” His name and face was constantly flashing in her mind. The past two years, they have been together, so much have happened within those times… She kept drifting on, until her fingers could simply play no longer, and so she stopped her music, sitting on the floor burying her hands in her face.

“It worked, Chairmen Kayle’s plan is amazing!” Voices came from the distance, and hearing the voices, Sona went into the bushes, afraid that others would see her in such a weak state.

“Now that we have Fiddlesticks cornered, he will have nowhere to escape…”
Sona stopped her tears, she could not believe her ears, she started moving from the bush, trying to avoid the strange men. Suddenly hands appeared behind her, forcing her back and unable to make a move.

“Sona, where are you?” Katarina ran straight past, unable to see Sona in the bushes, held against her will. She tried to play her music, but her hands are completely locked, and without playing anything she is unable to do anything to resist…

On the other side of the jungle, Fiddlesticks still laid on the ground. He already gave up all hope of living. Everyone thinks he is a mass murderer, a man of pure evil, breaking every possible rule of the code, and most importantly, Sona refuses to believe him… He knows that agents from Kayle would soon come and take him, and the next moment, they did, dragging him to the familiar fortress of the high league he visited so many times before, and into the dark room, where Kayle awaited.

Inside Fiddlestick’s mind, he remembered the words of his master, the very ones he recited over the many years of his existence. He looked up to Kayle, his eyes simply glowing, losing the emotion he has gathered for so long… “Fiddlesticks… Finally the time has come, give me the Key.” Kayle spoke up, her words cold as ice, different from when she talked in public. There is simply nothing left for Fiddlesticks to hold back to, if he killed everyone here, then master’s secrets will die with them. He used to only obey Kayle because it was master’s orders to seemingly ‘abide’ the rules of justice. But now that he is a wanted criminal, it doesn’t matter anymore.

He summoned his scythe, this time he moved with caution. The last time, Fiddlesticks was under extreme shock, and could not think clearly, this time, he could defiantly win. Kayle smiled, but not enough for Fiddlesticks to see “So, you decided to kill me now, right? With your powers, it is as simple as crushing a bug. But would you do it, if…” Nothing can stop Fiddlesticks, nothing mattered anyway, that was what Fiddlesticks thought… “Sona would die along too?” He was wrong…

Back to the old pathway. Fiddlesticks walked this path thousands of times, the same every time. The trees, the markings, everything was the same. Yet this time, Fiddlesticks wished they were different, that they would twist or transform so that the journey lasted longer. Kayle and her agents was forcing him to lead the way, with Sona as hostage. Her instrument was no where to be seen, and she is only able to move forward ever so slowly from the lack of practice her legs have. With great effort and pain, Sona was able to keep up until the door of the great mansion, before giving way and falling to the ground.

“Lets go” Commanded Kayle. Fiddlesticks could only obey, opening the door to the mansion, and leading them to the master room where his master used to stay in. Fiddlesticks himself never entered the master room, he glanced at the key hole, tightening his fists as he makes the final decision.

“Open it” whispered kayle, holding a sword up to Sona's neck. But Fiddlesticks was reluctant to do so. All these years he has kept the promise of his master. He has killed many enemies and sacrificed several allies in order to do so, and yet it is so hard to refuse Kayle’s orders because of just one simple human…

“Open it! Now!” Fiddlesticks gritted his wooden mouth, grabbed the key from his neck, and unlocked the door……


Still cant believe I came back... Feels kinda odd. Oh well, please leave any comments, criticisms and other random junk I used to suggest XD

:P Wiz :P

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Lets keep it rolling before I start losing my edge again.
I do hope I can finish it, it is progessing slowly, but steadily.
I wonder if any of the other people who used to follow my story is still here, oh well.
To anyone who is still with me, enjoy!


Chapter 9 - The Last Commandment
Master never really talked to me. He is always busy with his own plans, his own creations. But he always had something for Fiddlesticks to do, no matter if it was publicly or in the dark, and Fiddlesticks never failed him. Perhaps this is why he trusted Fiddlesticks with this mission. Too bad the most important of them all, Fiddlesticks failed to complete.

The group was inside the Master room, Sona has already fainted from exhaustion. The inside of the room was empty, except for a strange remote on the table. It looked like the ones for TV, but much smaller, much simpler… There was only one button on it, marked with a label. ‘REMOVE’ it said.

“Is this it? This is the key to great power?” Kayle’s voice was flushed with anger. “A remote? Are you joking with me, Fiddlesticks? Where is the real room!”
Fiddlesticks ignored her shouts, and focused on to the remote. It was what master finished and wanted to be guarded before he left. It has to be of extreme power. If Kayle simply put it down and left, then everything would be safe. But she was no fool.

“You, I shall test this on you, Fiddlesticks.” She held up the remote, aimed it straight at Fiddlesticks, and clicked… A magical impulse flew from the remote and shot Fiddlesticks, his wooden arms and leg’s magical impulse immediately started to go mad, cracking the shell of his wooden body. But soon after, the mad impulse stopped. Fiddlesticks felt fine, unharmed, and yet an expression on Kayle’s face obviously had confusion, but then she spoke up.
“You… who… are you…” She looked at the remote, trying to recall what is happening in the past few seconds.

“Is this a joke kayle? How could you not know who I am… unless…” As Fiddlesticks was finishing his sentence, Kayle smiled coldly. “Yes…” she said “I remember now, Fiddlesticks, looks like you understand now too. The remote gave me the memory back…” “Minister, who is this… thing?” The agents of Kayle asked.

“Go outside, leave Sona here also.” The agents went out the room, leaving the three inside. “Looks like this device… removes a person’s exsistance, all memories would disappear. An extra-planar summoning, strange name for such a device. No matter.” Kayle smiled, laughing “Imagine what I can do with this, Fiddlesticks! All my enemies would just simply be… removed from this world!” Fiddlesticks was not listening, he was still in shock of what happened. “Removed… from exsistance?” Fiddlesticks thought to himself. All the friends he made, the relationships he had created with the other champions… gone… he simply didn’t exsist. He looked at Sona, now unconscious, did her memories of him disappear too?

“There is just one other problem, a… loophole of this creation, Fiddlesticks.” Kayle’s cold speech snapped him back to reality. “Do you know what it is? Let me tell you… you still stand here, and that’s the main problem.” Kayle eyed Fiddlesticks, seeing if he understood what she was saying. “If only along with memory… your body and soul would be destroyed as well…” Kayle immediately dashed forward, swinging her sword into Fiddlestick’s neck, pushing him against the wall, forcing him in place.

“It’s such a pity that I must destroy you, Fiddlesticks. You are the person I have to thank for this… new power, yet because you no longer exist, it would be… strange if I kept you beside me, and I don’t know how much more trouble you would cause me…” Fiddlesticks could not fight back, his body is still weak from the impact of the remote, and kayle completely locked his hands from being able to call forth his scythe or his crows. “Good bye Fiddlesticks… Oh wait, you don’t exist. Guess that’s not necessary.”

Fiddlesticks tried to move, but failed to do so, pain seared through his entire body, his neck about to snap apart, his eyes locked into Kayle’s, full of hatred and sorrow. He did not want to die, didn’t want to be completely removed from the world, but there was nothing he could do. He opened his mouth, let out a loud cry, of pain and sorrow, of hatred and anger, and finally gave way to the pain, losing his consciousness…

Darkness… it seems so familiar, almost his entire life, Fiddlesticks was in it. But this time it was different, he did not want to stay… Fiddlesticks was on the verge of life and death, just floating to the doorway to hell, and yet a voice, one he has heard hundreds of years ago, spoke to him “So… Fiddlesticks… You have failed me… All the missions I have given you, you done without problems, and yet one as simple but important as this, you failed to accomplish… But I do not blame you, emotion is such a tricky thing, even I could not completely isolate it from you… Emotions are for weakling, Fiddlesticks, it is why you failed me, yet it is why you were alive, and not a mere scarecrow, a robot, a slave… I shall help you stay alive, what you do next… is your choice.” Fiddlesticks kept his eyes closed, but spoke “Your biddings… master?” “This is my last commandment; finish any uncompleted work you have left on this world…”


Well, hope those who read it liked it.
Comments, cake, criticisms, choco cips, pens, paper cups are always welcome

:P Wiz :P

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Meh, I think i'm going to finish this by the end of today. This is going to be the second last chapter I think, sure hope anyone who read up to now is enjoying at least a bit :P


Chapter 10 - Removal
Fiddlesticks opened his eyes, Kayle was still forcing him back against the wall, but strangly she could not penetrate through his neck, no matter how much force she used. When she saw Fiddlesticks wake up, her face was full of shock. She removed her sword, and retreated back from the Scarecrow. Fiddlestick’s eyes weren’t their usual green glow, it was red, red as blood. But strangly, Fiddlesticks could not control his body, they were moving on their own accord, even his mouth was not following his orders as they spoke. “Ahh, Kayle. We meet again. Remember me?”

Kayle’s eyes widened, moving back in shock, she seemed lost for words, as she moved back from the scarecrow. From his own eyes, Fiddlesticks could also see change in his own body. Not only his eyes changed colour, black flames were emitting from his entire body… just like before, in summoner’s rift, except this time, he still had consciousness, just no control…

Kayle, gasping for air from the tremendous shock, finally spoke “You… your suppose to be dead! Why… this magical radient, it cant be… I KILLED YOU MYSELF, ZAUN!”
“Shame Kayle, you only destroyed half of me in that incident. I have infused half my soul into Fiddlestick’s body, long before you even know of my plans. It has been hard to awaken it again, but Fiddlesticks himself gave me permission while he was unconscious…”

“Its… impossible! I’ve killed you before, Zaun, I’LL DO IT AGAIN!”
Kayle infused her sword with the magic of the flames, slashing away at the scarecrow, yet she cannot even penetrate the dark aura surrounding the mage. “Foolish women, the reason you managed to slay me before is because I was unconscious, but this time, you could not even touch me!” Zaun, in Fiddlestick’s body, dashed forward with incredible speed, infusing dark magic in Fiddle’s scythe, immediately started hacking through Kayle’s armor, as if it was made of paper.

Kalye screamed with pain, her sword failing to defend from the horrifying power that Zaun possesses. Knocked back and bleeding furiously, she retreated to the other side of the wall, holding up her hands to cover her eyes, awaiting the final blow. Fiddlesticks, seeing how much damage and power his master is causing, was suddenly terrified. To be able to possesses such power through another’s body, Fiddlesticks never knew his master was this powerful. He watched as his own hands raised the darkened scythe above Kayle’s trembling body, but just before Master landed the final blow, a dark shadow covered Kayle’s, shielding her from harm. Zaun could care less for the sudden arrival, since cutting through both is simple, but realizing who it was, Fiddlesticks shouted in his own mind…


The scythe stopped just above the dark shadow. Light slowly shone onto the new guest, a robe of blue, with glistening gold stripes, and a face of beauty.

“Is this the girl, Fiddlesticks? Through Fiddlestick’s mouth, Zaun spoke. “She is a pretty one, though im shocked you would take interest in a human…”

Sona was filled with tears, flowing down her white cheek. Though weak, she lifted a finger to Fiddlestick’s mind “Fiddlesticks… please… don’t kill anymore… It’s not the you I’ve known in your heart……” Tears continued flowing down her cheek as she panted for air.

“This girl… she remembers you… strange, the device should’ve removed all memories of you, no matter how close of friends you became… unless…”
Zaun stopped, he closed his eyes, causing Fiddlesticks to be blinded as well. Inside, they spoke with each other.

“Fiddlesticks… I think you also know who she is… I have taught you before about her race, it should also explain why she can’t speak, she must’ve been the one who was banished. It also explains why you would have emotions towards her while not to other champions of the league… sorcerers of song, the legendary goddesses of emotion, and the sharer of minds...”

“Master…” Fiddlesticks had nothing to say, he was reminded of a lesson before master left. He remembered every word Master have said

“Fiddlesticks, let me tell you a story of a particular race of sorcerer. They transmit magical aura through their instruments and their voices through songs they play and sing. They can sense and change emotions you have in your heart, no matter happiness, shyness, or even anger, hunger for power, darkness, thirst for death, and the most important, if a goddess and her partner is willing, they can share minds…… They are extremely powerful. But if they break even one rule of their own race, they would be banised forever, and their voices sealed away from a magical bond on their necks. But they still posses powers to warp a person’s natural emotions, only to a less powerful extent. Stay away from them, Fiddlesticks, emotion is unnecessary for you, remember that…”

“Looks like it was inevitable from the start you would betray me, Fiddlesticks… A goddess in the league, this is defiantly unexpected when I left… No matter. As I have commanded, Fiddlestick, finish any uncompleted work you have left on this world…”

An explosion next door has interrupted Zaun and fiddlestick’s conversations, Zaun was still in control, and as he looked around, he noticed Kayle gone.

“You, Goddess” Pointing at Sona “Where is your instrument, why is it not with you, your basically useless without it if you don’t have your voice.”
Sona’s strange instrument was left in Summoner’s Rift, she could not summon it fast enough before being captured. “No matter, leave this place as quick as you can, you managed to crawl your way here some how, do the same now before you are killed.”
Zaun, in Fiddlestick’s body, left the room, following the sound of the explosions

“What do you think it is, master?”
“Kayle, that fool, she wants to blow everything up!”
“What should we do?”
“In a normal condition, I would just execute her, but… I doubt you would be comfortable with it, Fiddlesticks, so I have other plans…”

They found Kayle outside, flying in midair, currently slashing away at the building, causing as much destruction as possible with the little power she still possess.
“HAHAHA! Zaun, have you forgotten one thing? Your device is still with me! I do not need to league anymore, I can just remove all competition necessary for domination! The only thing left, is YOU!” Kayle laughed coldly, slashing away at the building, though with her magic it is not enough to cause the building to collapse.

“I’ll give you one last chance, Kayle, either you give up, or you die!”

Zaun sighed, and just as he stepped forward, he disappeared and flashed behind Kayle, ripping her wings away from her body.

Screams of agony came from Kayle as blood gushed out of her back, but she still resisted, starting to slash at Zaun instead, this time taken unexpectedly, without the dark aura’s protection, Kayle’s sword cut through Fiddlestick’s clothes and left marks on his wooden body, green light shining from it.

“Kayle, its useless, you do not have the power to defeat me in a fair fight”

Kayle held up her sword and infused it with the power of the flames, and once again began charging straight at Zaun. With a sigh, Zaun merely edged to the side, letting the blade fly past and grabbed Kayle’s head, smashing it straight to the ground. Kayle just lied there, face flat on the ground, body limp and did not move. Searching her body,

Zaun got the remote from her, and without hesitation, zapped Kayle with it…
“Like this, Kayle would never exist, and this darkness in the league would end…” From the impact, Kayle woke up, and from the situation immediately found out what happened. “You… what have you done! You… you can’t do this to me! I AM THE RULER, THE GOD OF THIS WORLD! I WAS SUPPOSE TO RULE ALL THINGS!”

“Your madness was impossible from the start, Kayle.”
“No, if I can’t rule, then there is no point of living! I WILL DRAG YOU TO THE DEPHTS OF HELL WITH ME!”

Kayle grabbed the remote, and pointed her sword towards it
“STOP KAYLE! If you destroy it, the magical impulse from it would be released in one go, I spent years infusing energy in it, it will destroy everything in the radius! INCLUDING US!”

Kayle laughed, laughing from madness and confusion “DIE ZAUN, DIE FIDDLESTICKS, JUST GO TO HELL!”

Zaun focused all his power on to defense, trying to block as much energy as possible, but he know its useless. Kayle immediately destroyed the device, all the energy stored in it that Zaun has infused released immediately, an enormous explosion erupted, clearing all in its path, leaving nothing but empty space in its way. Bright hot energy seared through Fiddlestick’s body, burning both Zaun and Fiddlesticks. They can still faintly hear Kayle’s mad laughter, but soon once again lost conciseness to the pain…


And thats all folks :O
Jks, theres still one more, should get it done in the next hour.
Anyways, any comments, critisisms, rylais or gold n stuff u wanna give, i always welcome XD

:P Wiz :P

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Ok, by next hour, I mean next 15 mins :P
I did have bits of it written before the months I was gone, so I was done quite fast. Sigh, finally this Fanfic is done. Had alot of bumps and cracks, but sure was fun while it lasted :P
Feels kinda wierd ending this, it was not expected when I stopped writing since I lost inspiration, but I do thank those who supported me in any possible way, no matter if you wrote a comment, or even just read a bit, I still thankyou.
Oh well, heres the last chapter, hope theres still someone with me!


Chapter 11 - Seperation, Promises And Anniversary
“Fiddlesticks… Fiddlesticks! No please!”

There was someone in Fiddlestick’s mind, someone familiar… But he was suppose to die, the last hit should’ve killed him, but he is not dead…
He opened his eyes, his gaze returned to green, but his body still could not move as he wished. He looked up, and found the source of the voice, and he smiled. Sona was kneeling down next to him, her eyes watering and tears dropped onto his face.

“Looks like you have given me more time Sona… I was worried I won’t see you again.”
Fiddlesticks chuckled, but it looks like Sona isn’t up for the jokes again. Fiddlesticks smiled, very weakly, but softly. “Why are you crying Sona? We stopped Kayle! We should be…” Fiddlesticks coughed, green liquid spluttered out of his mouth “happy……” He smiled and looked up to Sona, such beauty, he remembered the first time he saw her, she was still as beautiful as then. The Maven Of The Strings, it was surly a suitable title.

“Sona, I heard you can sing… that would be interesting to hear. I remember you tried to sing to me the first time we met, too bad you can’t…” Tears from Sona’s eyes continued to pour down, and it dripped onto Fiddlestick’s face “C’mon cry baby, stop. Your making me feel bad. How about this, I promise you, I’ll defiantly come back to hear your music, and then, maybe you can sing to me as well…” Fiddlestick’s voice was turning weaker by the second, and he whispered his last words to Sona “Heres a gift… Sona… I promise… I’ll come to hear you sing, every year…” Fiddlesticks raised his head, and bit Sona’s neck, the purple chain marking appeared, but was then moving towards Fiddlestick’s mouth. Fiddlesticks swallowed the Chain, and once again rested his head against Sona’s lap.

Sona felt as if her throat let loose, and she was able to use her voice. “Ah… Ahhhh…” Sona’s voice worked, she was able to speak. She looked down at Fiddlesticks, his face was starting to crack, green light emitting from his scars. “Fiddlesticks…” Sona spoke, but this time, a purple chain was around Fiddlestick’s neck. Sona touched Fiddlesticks in the forehead, and allowed him to speak to her.

“Thankyou… Sona…” Fiddlestick’s entire body was lit of green light, Sona hugged Fiddlesticks as tight as she could, and moments later, the lights dimmed, and the scarecrow, just now still full of life and emotion, became an empty wooden frame once more…

Time washes away all sadness, and this was no different, but love is never gone. Years have passed, it was a very peaceful night among the city. Pentakill had a concert, and everyone attended. Some went for the music, others went for the fun, but no one understood the real reason Sona picked today to open a concert every year. The stage was lit, and the four musicians walked on. Sona had the mic, but she was silent. After a while, she opened her mouth, breathed in, and spoke……

“Hello everyone! Welcome to my special concert! I would like to dedicate this concert… to a very close friend… he was one which I loved very closely, and sacrificed his life for me. Today is the fifth anniversary of our separation, and I hope you all enjoy this night!”
The crowd cheered. They were very excited about the concert, as every year Sona made this day’s song extra special and her melodies on that day were extra powerful. It was also the only day she allowed herself to speak, and to sing. She sang loudly, but her voice is still very beautiful. But for some reason, every year, tears fell from her eyes. No one understood why, most of the people thought it was because she was too deeply in to her music, but there are some who suspected there is something strange about her during that day. Nevertheless, they enjoyed it anyway.

On that day, Sona kept playing and kept singing. She never stopped her music, nor did she stop her tears. She was smiling all the way, just simply letting her emotions flow.
“Do you hear me… I am singing to you. You promised me you would listen. If you can’t hear me, it is alright. I will sing for you next year, and then the year after. As long as I existed, I shall sing for you on this very day, until even the ends of the earth can hear. Then, maybe you call also finally hear it… Fiddlesticks……”

And the concert went on. Outside the halls, many people also gathered around to hear the music. But on that day, there are always people who had seen a glimpse of a strange scarecrow that dashes by, or perhaps the shadow of a scythe, or the most commonly heard is a pair of glowing emerald eyes and a strange purple marking on its neck, and all the accounts states that the strange being is always on the top window where no one in the room could notice, looking inside as if to search for someone, and always seem to be smiling, enjoying the music... When people told Sona about it, she just similed, closed her eyes, and floated on, blushing when doing so...


Been a long way, but oh well.
Any comments, critisisms, and strange chains on your necks are always welcome!
Thanks again to anyone who ever commented or read my work.

:P Wiz :P

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Rly good!!!
Bump +999999