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New Bundles Featuring Dastardly Villainy and Thrilling Heroics

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wat i need is brand to go on sale and cyrocore to be on sale SEPERATE

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Bundles that would work:

Wild West

Bundles that would not work:
Superman and Luke Skywalker

Honestly it looks like there are only three main types of skin-buyers:
1. Skin specific - person buying specific skins they like
2. Theme Team - people buying skins that make sense as a team (Commando, Pirates, Wild West, Arctic, etc)
3. Pokedex - people buying skins for everything because they just want skins

It's impossible to properly make bundles for 1. It is arbitrary and doesn't really make sense. Riot has no real way to predict which skins anyone would purchase.

Bundles could work for 2, but often times people are purchasing one of the theme not all of it. The goal is to play with their friends as a cohesive aesthetic, so bundling them to the same account isn't particularly useful and it could be difficult trying to setup a bundle intended to be split by five people.

Bundles for 3 are obviously the easiest since people are focusing more on quantity than quality. You could set them up similar to the digital collector's bundles where you have a mix of cheaper skins, fancier skins, and you're saving a ton on each skin since you're buying 10/20/whatever.

Honestly if the sale is only cheap enough to knock one skin to 50% you might as well just make them choice bundles. Buy X amount of skins and save Y RP, then have them select everything in the same order. It would work for everyone since they could choose their skin and at least be guaranteed Y% off for buying in bulk. You could also just scale them to the more you buy, the more you save.

If you want to blowout skins, offering at least 50% off to both would be the best bet. Otherwise why would I pay full price for one skin I might want and 50% off a skin I like less?

Personally I need skins for everything so I just pick up the ones I want on sale and never purchase anything other than that, though most people I know only purchase a couple skins if any at all.

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Hey Riot, Can You Put Djinn Malzahar Or Overlord Malzahar Skin On For Sale Please I Beg U Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!