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How to build Renekton?

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The Sound

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^ Title says it all.

I've recently begun playing renekton, and I like how he is played, his appearance, everything. I want to start getting good with him, but even though I've looked up builds and tried to experiment on my own, I haven't drawn many conclusions.

I know he needs Frozen Mallet because he is easy as hell to kite. Yommu's Ghostblade I feel is necessary as well because because renek's abilities have really long cooldowns, and everything else it gives is nice.

So basically, 3 items I like on him so far:
Frozen Mallet
Merc Treads

But what else? I have tried a GA and didn't mind it, but I'm having trouble deciding when to build it in. I feel he needs more everything, more tankiness, more damage, more resistances.

Even though Atma's got nerfed, would this still be a good idea? I would like to hear what everyone else here thinks.

Thanks in advance!

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an actual dog

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If you get a few early kills(which is exactly what you should be going for) then you can build Riven style, rushing a BT followed by a Mallet and then maybe a Last Whisper

If you're getting raped then pick up a couple Dorans and then a Mallet, Hexdrinker, Atmas, Spirit Visage(depending which kind of defense you need)

You usually want to get Ionian boots. Mercs only if you're getting CC'd to death and Tabi only if you really badly need armor.

You almost always want to get a Brutalizer early but do not upgrade it into Youmuu's until late, if at all. It's just not a particularly good item on him. He doesn't need crit chance and the active ability isn't really worth it.

The key with Renekton is snowballing early, if you do that then he's easily one of the most fun champions in the game