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Talon(need help plz)

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hi bros.
i'm using Talon now.
i could hardly kill anyone and i got many death.
i don't know how i can improve with this champ.
plz help me!
i want to gain more kills.
thanks a lot!

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i play talon a bit, im no pro at him but i dont suck at him (mostly)

one of the first things you must understand is that talon is an assassin specializing in burst damage, he shouldnt stay in the middle of a fight for verry long. usually its go in, take out a squishy, get out, wait for cooldowns, rinse repeat. talon dosnt have the armor or health to stay there. if you stay in the middle of the fight for to long your just going to get your face melted off except if your amazingly fed.

talon plays very passivly for the first couple of levels. and i normaly level w->q->w->e->w->r proiritizing w then q and e wenever you see fit. for the fist couple of minuets you want to be hanging back and when they come in to cs, rake them. they may get the cs but they loose a lot of health, especially if they keep going in.

once they are low enough to burst i use e->w->q->r->ss the reason for the ss is that it snaps your blades back to you instanly dealing the second half of your r and not making you press r again. i usually take ignite for this but its up to you.

one thing to take int acount is mana. constant raking takes a lot of mana and your burst takes much more. try buying mana pots when you go back. not to many but not just 1. 2-3 should do it. it will keep you in the game. if you canand if no one needs it, grab blue buff. itll give you the mana regen and the cdr to make you even deadlier.

another thing is that your rake will slow for 40% this is usfull for getting away or saving teammates from being chased. on the subject if you are ganked your r will give you +40% ms and stealth useing this and rake when r ends can get you out of some sticky situations and sinc r is not on that long a cooldown its no an amazingly big dealt to burn. if it comes down to either burning your ult or dieing, burn the ult.

on items theres only one ill stress, yommus ghost blade. after talons burst he has nothing left. yommus will give you the aa steroid to keep up the fight or the ms to run away. itll also give you cdr and armor pen, both of which are majorly usefull.

hope this helps.

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Boomstick II

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If you're level 30, you'll want to definitely get a good set of runes for him.

I suggest this:
Reds - 3x AD 6x ArP
Yellows - 4x flat mana regen 4x scaling mana regen
Blues - 9x Flat MR
Quints - 3x AD

You are hopefully playing Talon in mid lane, which is usually against an AP opponent, so the flat MR really helps you a lot early game to absorb their harrass.
Also, with those mana regen runes (and mana regen from masteries) I rarely ever run out of mana despite using my abilities quite a bit.

I take 21/2/7 for my masteries. I get the 3% damage, the ArP (both % and flat), the flat AD and one point in scaling AD. I believe I also take the CDR points. In the defense tree, I put two points in MR. For the utility tree, I put one in the summoner spell mastery, then three in the mana and mana regen masteries.

I start boots and 3x pots. I usually go back around level 4 or 5 to get a doran's blade. Then at level 6, I usually get a kill. After that, I usually rush a brutalizer. Then, I get boots of mobility and, since at this point you should be dominating mid (Talons has an easy time beating almost any AP mid) you can start ganking other lanes. The boots of mobility will help you go gank a lane and get back quickly. Another trick with BoM is to leave your lane like you're going to go gank, then come back to your lane through the side bushes to harrass your mid lane opponent. Because you're so fast, you can usually jump on to them before they can react.
After BoM, brutalizer, and 1-2 doran's blades, you want to rush a BF sword and later on, a blood thirster. After blood thirster, I usually get last whisper, although sometimes I'll build some survivability or another blood thirster.

Remember, your burst combo should be like this:
Jump -> Rake -> AA -> Reset AA with Q
You can throw in your ult just about whenever, but I usually save it for more towards the end (between the auto attack and resetting the auto attack with Q).

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