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Hero Lines In General Too Long

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The Hye Circus



If we use Warcraft III as the prime example (as anyone should), most unit lines are short and sweet. They also include a lot of variety. (Also, they don't make bad puns every second)

And considering that LoL was built to overcome the shortcomings of WCIII, we could also incorporate different lines for certain spells, whynot.

But my main point is, they need to be shortened. The audio in this game is great, but this is a glaring weakness. I forget which heroes make those puns or out of place references, but I'd want to cut back on that as well. Not unless you incorporate a WCIII system where you hear those after clicking on your character six times.

(Why do I hit instant email notification every time but never get a single e-mail?)

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AGCrew Bloodwolf

Senior Member


Agreed. Some heroes have WAY too long lines.

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Senior Member


But... people really have to know how hard it is to move like this in heels...