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Your Maokai Builds for Dominion?

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I was just thinking about how Maokai imo doesn't really have a set build order, and I was just wondering what other people were building on him and why. In my last matches this is what I have built. And all with 9/0/21 for the 10% Cdr.

Most of my games have been tanky with lots of regen. (Started Boots and two ruby crystals or a catalyst.)

Ionian Boots, Spirit Visage, Rod of Ages, Sunfire Cape, Force of Nature, Thornmail.
Rod of Ages, Ionian Boots, Thornmail, Sunfire, Giants Belt. (They had 3 AD and 2 ap tanks.)
Rod of Ages, Ninja Tabi, Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart.
Rod of Ages, Ionian Boots, Sunfire Cape, Force of Nature, Null Magic Mantle.

But I have also tried a few games pure ap, off-tanky AP, pure tanky items (Basically no spirit visage ionian or rod of ages. And instead rushing a giants belt followed by 2 chain vests, 2 null magic mantles and later building them into items like sunfire, force of nature, maybe abyssal thornmail, frozen heart etc. )

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I'm always bottom lane Maokai, and here is how I usually go.

Core set: RoA, proper tank boots, Abyssal Scepter, Sunfire Cape.
Start Catalyst, Rush RoA, then buy the Scepter or Cape before the other based on your opponent in bottom lane.

Rest of the game, as determined by enemy damage, I can be found buying any of the following:
Force of Nature
Frozen Heart
Spirit Visage
Odyn's Veil

Most games last long enough for the Core Set +1 extra item, if that. It's rare that I find myself with 6 fully built items.

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maokai really doesn't need much ap here i'd reccomend getting a prospectors ring then tank items one of which should be a frozen heart and at somepoint get a rylais

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I do all scaling ap runes (+85 ap at level 18), 21/9/0 masteries (all magic talents and 2 points in havoc), and I start off with a Health Gem and a Blasting Rod for top (or Catalyst for bot). Rush RoA, boots of your choice, Prospector's Ring, and Haunting Guise. This provides an excellent mix between health and damage. Itemization beyond here probably should be Void Staff/Will of Ancients, or some Armor/MR depending on how well your opponents are doing. Hope this provides another angle!

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I play tank with him if I go top - catalyst followed by defensive items.
Going bot I rush ROA and then build defensive items.

Ultimately, the thing that seems to be the most effective is tankiness and full CDR. Spam = more heals, more CC, and more saplings (for a plethora of uses).

One item that I haven't tried on him yet, but am really, really liking is Locket of the Iron Solari. I have grabbed it on a few others, and it's way too much fun.

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Pretty much similar to most people here.

I've been playing Maokai for a bit now, though to be truthful I haven't deviated from a single build too much. I could probably be building a lot better or optimized. Right now, my main build is:

Mpen, Flat Armor, Mr/level, MS Quints because I'm lazy with putting in better quints.
9/21/0 Aiming for CDR

Situational Shoes
Glacial Shroud
Abyssal Scepter or Frozen Heart

Since you have your ultimate for additional mitigation, you can aim to get more damage items and HP.

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actually, mao is pretty slow - i find the movespeed quints to be very useful in chasing and escaping

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As a relatively high elo Maokai player, I can give you my advice. I play him both top-lane as a disrutptor and bot-lane as a turtler.

Top-Lane Maokai: Get Tanky-CDR stuff and keep your carries alive

Start off with a Kindlegem, Boots 1, and 2 of each potion. Kindlegem provides good amounts of health and CDR for the windmill fight, and builds into some nice utility later. Frozen Heart is always my Go-To Armor item because it gives me tons of armor, a strong passive, and much needed mana for your ultimate.

For MR, I go for an Abyssal if my team is a bit lacking in magic damage, or an Odyn's as a general MR item. If I'm falling behind on items, I will turn my Kindlegem into a Visage.

If that isn't the case, I will usually turn the Kindlegem into a Sweeper. The active is very nice, as combined with your saplings, give you very good map coverage. Occassionally I will turn it into a Reverie, and, very rarely, I will get a Zeke's if I have a very high damage AD team (i.e. Fiora, Jax).

For boots, I have actually found running Mobility boots very helpful. It helps out a ton with initiating fights. If you are falling behind on stats, then get one of the defensive boots (which is the case where i get a Reverie some time later).

My other item slots usually depend on the enemy or my team. Usually they will consist of resistance items that also give me health (i.e. Randuin's, Odyn's, Aegis).

As a side note, I run Flat Armor Marks, Scaling Armor Seals, Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs, and Movement Speed Quints.

For Bot-Lane Maokai, my early build is a bit different, but I want to go for the same end result.

My starting item is a Catalyst and a Mana Potion. Because Maokai is a turtler, you are giving up the middle health relic, AND usually you won't be able to recall unless the enemy did. With Catalyst, the mana pot, and your passive, you should be able to survive his early game.

After I get my Sorcerer's Shoes, which helps me to clear the minion waves, I go straight for my Rod of Ages. After that you want your first resistance item. If the enemy is AD, then you want to pick up your Frozen Heart. The CDR will help clear waves along with the Armor and Mana Sustain letting you stay in lane longer. If the enemy is heavy AP, you want to get an Abyssal Scepter. This gives you much more damage to either clear waves, or even trade with!

From there you want items that will help you trade better. Rylai's and Will of the Ancients are some common ones I get. For my last item, I either get an Randuin's or an Odyn's, OPPOSITE of what type of damage my laning opponent does. Once you get your RoA, Sorc Boots, Defensive Item, Rylais, and Will, you will be able to lane fine. The Randuin's/Odyn's will give you the health and opposing resistance to handle ganks.

For runes, I run Magic Penetration Marks, Ability Power per Level Seals (Scaling Armor if against AD Bot Lane), Ability Power Per Level Glyphs (Scaling Magic Resist if against AP Bot Lane), and Magic Penetration Quints

I hope that helps

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I play bottom lane maokai and I build pretty much what everyone else here has said:

Start with catalyst (I don't tend to take a mana pot along with it) and focus on the creeps, I not only throw saplings at them, if possible I use my Q to attack the creeps to prevent the enemy from pushing the lane, keep in mind that early game your cooldowns are too high and you shouldn't be too aggressive so just focus on the creeps.

On my first recall I buy tier 1 boots (or RoA if I have the gold for it), after that I get RoA before completing the boots, I always go Sorc shoes.

After that it's glacial shroud, negatron cloak, upgrade glacial shroud into frozen heart, upgrade negatron cloak into abyssal scepter (if the enemy is bullying me with magical damage then I get negatron cloak before I get soul shroud).

After that your core build is done and you can go whatever you think is best, most times I go for Rylai's as my 5th item.

My masteries are 9/21/0 getting cooldown on both trees which I find is completely necessary when playing mao.

My runes are: Magic pen marks, HP per level seals, MR per level glyphs, CD per level quints

For summoner spells I pick revive and garrison

My goal with this setup is to max CDR which IMO is absolutely necessary with mao, you wont suffer much from mana shortage thanks to the FH. You will be hard to take down thanks to your defensive items and your ult which will make taking a tower from you a pain, also you will be doing a decent amount of damage because you got some AP and penetration/reduction combo there.

Also, you can catch people off guard at mid-game after your core build is done, you have a decent amount of magic pen and some MR reduction which will go through most people defenses, and since you have been turtle all game they don't expect you to suddenly jump at them.

My skill order is: max E first, W second and Q last, leveling up your ult whenever you can and taking one early point in Q.

Hope this helps, also, if it means anything at all, back when jabebot could tell you your ELO my rating was in the 1830-1880 range.

Happy gaming!

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Kill people build:
- boots + ring to start
- deathcap
- lich bane
- finish sorc shoes/merc treads/tabi at some point

Rest of build is reactive (eg. "I do no damage because they're stacking MR", "Wukong keeps getting away because of dat stealth&quot. Decent options include void staff, abyssal, frozen heart, WOTA, sweeper.

Maokai's ratios are individually unimpressive, but what makes him so strong is that every one of his spells deals damage. He has a combined total AP ratio of 2.7. (That is huge.) Add a Lich Bane to that and you are soaking your roots in the nutrient-rich blood of your foes.