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Hecarim tips for beginner(with or against),and jungler build

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First of all,i want to say that depecite i played often hecarim,i almost always jungle with it.As a result,my observation might be wrong if you lane with it.(wich isn't a good idea,since he do not get synergy with most hero).I almost always win with that hero,so my build shouldn't be bad,especially that i'm always the most farmed.I'm not lv 30 myself,but i often play with and against lv 30 (i know it mean nothing for most of you,but it's affect my mastery and my rune page :P )

i would like any suggestion to improve my main build,and i hope that i'll help people with the tips


Note: I'm lv 23 currently,so i do not have many rune or mastery

->i strongly suggest to get at least 0/15/8 (wich is my build) to get the 5% move speed bonus and the health bonus.Due to my lv,i can't put more point,but my final build would go 1/21/8 or 0/21/9 (the first to get bonus ms with ghost,the 2th to get buff duration bonus)

-> for the rune,i suggest :

ms quint
armor pen red
armor for yellow
mr OR ap OR cd reduction,depending of your preference

i do not have any tips for lane hecarim,because i always never does.
Jungler :

your choice between boot at start with hp pot or cloth armor and hp pot

and then,you have 2 choice

Start blue for jungling normaly : get your Q skill for damage,and once you lv,get your W.If you want to gank once your lv 3,get ur E,otherwise,up ether your q for faster jungling or w for longer jungling.

Start red for a agressive start gank : get your q skill for damage,and once you lv,get your E.In less than 3 min mark,you should be able to gank effectively.Boot is important in this one.

For the items,it's really depend of your playstyle,so i won't tell you what item to get.Keep it mind that ms is a great thing with him,so if you getting a tanky build,be sure of having a FoN. Get a trinity and some phantom if your going damage.Note that item that slow enemy is good too: that allow your mate to catch up while you kite them,or to allow you to hit with your w and q more often.

tips when playing Hecarim

-your w heal you from every attack made on enemy within the range of your aura.Having a nuker like anni can increase your survivability like hell in a fight
-your q reset your auto,and it can be casted really often.Try to masterise it's timing to allow a constant attacking stream
-your r is a great ult to initiate,but also to escape.it can pass through terrain,and it's fear enemy.Ult in teamfight to hit as many enemy as possible,and then follow up with W and start to Q like a mofo.
-Use your e wisely.It's have a fairly long cd,and once you use it to initiate,you may regret it if you need to escape or stop a channeling ability.
-always use ghost when you play hecarim,because it's increase your damage by a nice amont in teamfight,or allow you to chase or flee EVEN faster
-You can save your mate even with low health with a well placed ult ,followed by a e escape.Use w before it if available,that will regain you hp in the way and deal extra damage.
-Greed is bad,we all know it.But hecarim can be greedy : Do not fear to kill a enemy that recall near a tower.You should move fast enough to kill it and go away before the tower avenge him.

tips when playing as a ally of hecarim

-if you can land a stun,hecarim can do a heck of damage and keep the target in place,because all of his damage is around him
-if you want a target for ms bonus,please,give priority to hecarim.That will boost he's damage output greatly before or in the middle of a teamfight.
-If you see your friend hecarim low health and with he's W on,if you can nuke the minion nearby,do it.It might save it's life(got saved twice like this,one by a catlin ult,just to say)
-Clairvoyance or ward can help hecarim to get many kill,so he will be able to land it's ult and go to the enemy faster.

tips when your playing against hecarim

-do not try to chase him unless you got a stun or a disable.For most hero build,you highest ms will be 47*-49* with ghost.often,that's normal hecarim ms.
-a exhaust will kill hecarim,diminushing it's damage and it's resistance,he will be worthless
-slowing hecarim will make it rage,and becoming way less effective.Priorise it with your slow.
-do not stay in a close group against him: he will fear you and nuke you,and regain in the process.
-hecarim is squishy and easy to nuke.
-if he engage with e,he won't be able to run back easely,nor cancel your canneling.use this at your advantage.
-place ward to prevent ganking or to bait him.
-Hecarim is a efficient jungler,and he will prolly farm alot during the game.Place ward and gank him as often as possible
-hecarim is item dependant.A non farmed Hecarim is almost as worthless as a leblanc.
-hecarim alone isn't that dangerous,specially before lv 6.he got no nuke or great dps,and a disable stop he's hp regain.
-removing Hecarim blue will not effect it's jungling ability by alot,since it's q do not cost alot of mana.But stealing the red might give him hardtime and educe it,s ganking efficiency

That all folk.Please be free of leaving comment,question,or suggestion.

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This was one of the most painful things I've ever read.

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Are you missing a s key on your keyboard?