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Ionic spark Olaf

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Quite simply: can this item be used effectively by Olaf? If yes, with what kind of build? I think the norm, at that I've seen, is to let the passive be all the attack speed he needs, but isn't one percent of an even higher amount better? Sorry if this is a noob-esque question in nature, it was merely a thought I had.

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Sorry but no, Ionic spark is already a weak item compared to it's 'counterpart' wits end. It's even weaker when put on olaf. Both cases IS and WE olaf should not be built with attack speed since his passive is so effective.

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Agreed with bob. Wits End is strong on several autoattacker champions in spite of it being an on-hit item.

For 2150g now, it provides well over 3k of benefits...AND it plugs your magic resistance hole. So with base MR, maybe some from Defense, 26ish from MR/lvl, and WE youve got well over 100+ magic resist, without having to specifically take a Banshees, etc.

Ionic Spark gives health instead of magic resist, but health boosters are quite common and not nearly as 'rare' as decent magic resistance items. The spark also costs a bit more and does a bit less. It gives less total gold value of stats than Wits End and doesn't plug any crucial hole. I mean, most melee are gonna get TriForce or Frozen Mallet anyways which gives extra life really early thru Phage.

Another misconception:

Attack Speed items,etc give you a percentage OF YOUR BASE SPEED ONLY.

Olaf probably has 0.65 base AS (or call it Attack RATE to distinguish) he gets some AS per level which is considered a bonus.

With 100% AS, this will add another 0.65 to his attack rate.

So a level 18 olaf with low health will have say..
0.65 base +0.35 from level ups, plus 0.5 from his passive = 1.5 AS.

He generally wants to focus more on Attack DAMAGE and/or crit which slightly scales with axe (AD), and rounds out his autoattack better since he can be assumed to have an AS booster, but less AD booster.