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Custom Games Need Some Help

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Inago Rider

Senior Member


So, the Custom Game browser is a mess. Unless you have 9 friends online and waiting to play, most of the time getting a game going is an exercise in frustration that can take over an hour, as you either join random games and get banned (sometimes after waiting 10 minutes in the lobby) or create a game and wait for enough people to trickle in without getting bored and leaving. Now, this experience is the consequence of a lot of little problems. Some of them are a problem with the players, but others are at least partially a result of the user interface, and it'd be great if Riot could do something about it. So here some specific problems and proposed solutions:

1) Many games in the browser are either unmarked "vs. Bots" games, or have inflated player numbers because of spots "temporarily held" by bots.

Solution: Differentiate in the "Slots" column between bots and players. Maybe something like "9(5)/10" or "4/5/10" for a game with 4 players and 5 bots out of 10 possible slots.

2) You can't tell pick type from the game browser, so you can't tell All Random games or Draft Mode games apart from the rest unless the game creator decides to rename the game (which they often don't).

Solution: Include a Pick Type column in the browser. Also, make Draft games invisible to players without the requisite number of champions, or restrict them from joining such games, with a popup explaining why. Possibly also allow filtering by Pick Type.

3) Players create private games without actually setting a password, and then just ban anyone that wanders in. This wastes time for everyone involved and clutters the game browser. Alternatively, they have a certain number of "saved slots" that they kick people out of, or hidden criteria that they base bans on.

Solution: This one will take several steps, I think:

-Instead of having a password field that defaults to off, have a binary radio button "Public/Invite Only" choice with no default, so that the game creator has to actively choose which one they want. It makes the creation process very slightly more complicated, but it will save everyone a lot of trouble in the long run. Also note that I recommend replacing passwords with Invite Only, as it seems to make more sense, but if there's a reason for passwords, then having all three as an option is fine too.

-Allow players to create actual "reserved slots" in a game; this would work similar to adding a bot. Non-invited players would see reserved slots as full (adding to the number of players in the game), while invited players would see them as empty (ignored). When an invited player joins, they replace a reserved slot. Also maybe allow two types of reservations, one for specific players and one for anyone on the invite list. Finally, it'd be best if one could set an initial number of reserved slots from the game creation screen, so that there's no time when the game is in the browser before the slots are reserved.

-Add required selections with no default for minimum and maximum summoner level, restricting who can see and join the game.

4) "<NameHere>'s Game" just isn't a very useful descriptor.

Solution: With all the above changes, maybe nothing needs to be done with this, but defaulting the game name to blank and requiring the creator to name the game manually would make it much more likely that games get descriptive labels, which in turn would make it much easier to find an appropriate game.

Thoughts? More suggestions?

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JVC VisionElf



I dont agree when you say that it takes one hour to join a game, but I agree that its a mess, and it should be more detailed for a game like that...

I like and agree all your suggestions

The most annoying thing that happened to me while joining game, is when you got kicked/banned for NO REASON, the host dont tell why etc...
Actually, I know that there is only 2 good reasons : Waiting a friend, Missclick
This must be avoid...

And as you said, including reserved slots will reduce the number of bans with no reason ^^

Also, while typing "missclick", I thought of a big problem : I suggest to move the "Quit" button in the character selection window, because sometimes we click on the chat to type something, but the game starts just as we click, and we leave the game because the Quit button is a the same spot as the chat so... quite annoying :P

Sorry for my bad english.

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Inago Rider

Senior Member


JVC VisionElf:
I dont agree when you say that it takes one hour to join a game
I didn't say it always does, but it can and has happened. There's nothing to disagree about; it's historical fact, not opinion. And several times I've just given up and done something else instead.

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Inago Rider

Senior Member


Anyone? Anyone? Riot?