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Check my Hecarim build?

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Junior Member


So I just wanted to see how this build would be on Hecarim. I believe in maximizing his passive and his lifesteal from his W. I would also play him as a jungler or solo top.

Cloth 5 into Wriggles
Merc Treads
Zeal into PD for AS and Movement speed bonus
BF Sword into Bloodthirster for lifesteal and damage
Maw of Malmortius for MR and damage

Then depending on team either Aegis or GA.

Not sure about the order yet but this would be my final build. Thoughts? I'm kinda new to this haha.

I think he would have great damage and sustain using this build and of course great movement speed.

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Senior Member


Hecarim's skill set is NOT set up to make the most of an AD stacking build.
He has only 2 AD scaling abilities and the only spammable one has a 0.6 of bonus AD ratio. This is not high enough to justify stacking AD.

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Get tri force instead of phantom dancer, and get an shurelya's reverie too