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Owning with Blitzcrank

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inFe eD:
Update for anyone interested. Blitz shield scales fully with armor/MR, despite what lolwiki says. Test it out yourself. This makes tear start, well, pretty much mandatory, which fits perfectly with my personal experience with blitz despite having the misconception that the shield was dealt true damage.

Yah, I never bothered with any numbers. But I could tell by playing that I was much tankier at the end of the game if I started Tear, and I didn't feel gimped at the start by doing so.

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If AP Blitz isn't working out for you, then:

You can't land grabs properly most of the time.

You don't fully realize what kind of damage buff Lichbane does for him. With the nature of his kit you can literally get 4 procs easily since his abilities are spaced out.