I like SR

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It's pretty fun

Just bought Lulu, can anyone tell me good ways to use her?

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Lulu is a support/mid champ who builds ability power. She is squishy but she can generally disrupt and CC well. As a support your goal is to poke the enemy so your ADC can farm in peace/kill them. As a mid she already starts as a tiny little powerhouse and builds on it.

In early game Lulu is very good at two things, pokes and escaping trouble. Her Q does good damage as well as providing a slow, giving an ally a chance to gank. She is also very difficult to catch unless a champion can kill her quickly. even if the poke goes poorly (thanks to the speed boost/CC of W and the shield/insta-hit on Q from her E)

In team fights she is very powerful as she can W an enemy to stun. Ult an ally to give them the edge, slow escaping units with Q and shield allies with E (or mark them for an easy Q later). So try and stay with a nicely fed champ. Be careful though as she tends to get focused down like the ADC. (people don't like getting turned into cupcakes during their ults for some odd reason)

Any explanation I put here can do her no justice. I also kinda avoided going into the technical aspect of her passive and build, and the finer points of her abilities...So here is the spotlight video for more info

Lulu takes practice and skill to play well but if you can learn her well you can make the other team miserable in many unique and interesting ways

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Dude this post is two years old.