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Archive Of Abyssal Souls. A Short Story

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*BOOM* The walls shake inside the Institute of War. The summoners rush to the sound of the walls collapsing. "The Library has been broken into from the outside!" Yells one of the Summoners.

Guardian Roku appears out of the midst. "What in Runeterra is going on?"

"Sir! Someone has stolen the Archive of Abyssal Souls!"

"That's Impossible!" The ground shakes as Roku furiously destroys a nearby statue of Ryze. "I want the entire grounds sealed off!" "NOW!!!" As the summoners and guards start to clean up the mess and check for magical presence, Roku vanishes into thin air. Flames are left behind from his rage.

Roku and Head Guardian Jazmin both sit down at the Legends Table. The torches on the walls dim and the room is left dark. Only voices can be heard in the darkness.

"I do not understand how this happened Roku! I left you in charge of this specific artifact! It is an irreplaceable relic!"

"My deepest apologies my lady."

"I do not accept failure! If a Voidborn gets their claws on the Archive, all Hell will break loose! Do you understand?"

"Yes my lady! I will find this thief and return the Archive of Abyssal Souls to it's rightful place!" Roku vanishes into thin air once again leaving Jazmin in the darkness.

"I want you to find this. I can no longer trust Roku to get the job done. You know what to do and where to find them."

"Yes my Summoner." The air cracks and diminishes as the strange entity carries off into the distance.

"I did not want to resort to this. But I have no choice but to break the rules on this one. Summoning Him is the only way to get it back. I can not let them achieve their goal.. Not when we are so close.."

-Chapter 1-

The trees seemed to grow as the mist fills the air. A dark figure comes closer and closer. It seemed as though as it could see past the fog and was now coming at him, at full speed. It had blades on its arms that shined through the forest. Fear overtook the boy as he tried to run, but for some reason he could not find his footing. By the time he had regained his ground it was all over. Darkness found him, and the world went black and he could here a laugh that pierced his soul.

The sun has awoken as the young lad awakens from his slumber. "What a nightmare.."

The bedroom door is thrust open and a boy in a black robe steps in his room. As the hood is slowly unveiled the boy can hear a squeaky voice. "Rowen, come on! Get up! It's time for practice!"

"Oh hi Simeon! I was going to eat breakfast.."

"No way bro! It can wait until after I defeat you!"

"Ha! Only in my nightmares, Simeon!"

They both head downstairs and say "We're going out to play!"

"By play, I assume you're off to the Institute." An older lady says calmly.

"Um.. Maybe?" Simeon whispers quietly.

"Just pay your respects to Mr. Sintas, boys."

"We will!" The boys dash out the front door as fast as possible.

"Those boys would give Kennen a run for his money at this pace.." the mother says while turning to do the dishes.

Mist surrounds them as they say the magical words, "Ento Sem League" They are transported to a large room with tall crystal pillars; magical aura surrounds them.

"You both know the rules. Permission for the incantation recital is for summoners only!" says an old dreary summoner who limps over to the young boys.

"Aw cmon Mr. Sintas! You let us last time!"

"I did? Well I don't remember that. But, I guess if I let you before there's no harm in once more. But this is the last time boys!" The Old man vanishes into the next room as quietly as a shadow.

"Ha! See? I told you we could trick the geaser!" boasts the young Rowen.

"Dude! Mom said to be respectful of Mr. Sintas!"

"Oh calm down Sim.. It's not like he could stop us anyway. I doubt he has any power more than a baby could control!"

They both sit down and start to focus on the aura around them. Screams and agony fill the room as ghosts and figures start to come up from the midst. The strange figures start to become more life-like and begin to become real.

"Who are you gonna pick this time Sim?"

"Oh I dunno, probably Garen! He's the best!"

"Lame.. Garen isn't half that champion of Cho'gath!

"We'll see.."

Suddenly Garen and Cho'gath become real and stare down each other with fury and fire coursing in their eyes.

They then vanish and two orbs of dark power appear to the boys. They each take their positions on opposite ends of the room near the Pillars behind them.

"You're goin down man, just like last time!"

"No way Sim! Cho'gath is going to feast on minion after minion and then eat Garen alive! Hahaha!"

"Dude chill out! What is your problem today? It's just a custom game."

"Oh you'll see. This'll be quick and painless." The boy starts to smirk with an evil grin and then summons Cho'gath onto the Field of Justice!

Cho'gath lets out a mighty roar and spikes emerge from the ground below the mighty beast. He turns toward the Main Center Lane Turret to wreak havoc on the oncoming wave of minions. The minions run in fear of the massive beast! He kills each one and devours a minion trapped underneath a cannon.

"Who is laughing now weakling, bwahahah!" The beast charges towards the turret, taking it down quickly. He then makes his way to the nearest bush to head to the top lane when suddenly a small swishing sound made its way through the wind. Cho'gath quickly turns around, but not before getting a couple slices through his hide.

"Demaciaaaa! Back you foul creature for you will be destroyed by Justice!" Garen charges the turret and goes towards Cho'gath with a fire in his eyes that would scorch the heavens! The minions right behind him. "Yea! Take the turret dudes!" screams the minion leader.

"Silence fool!" Cho'gath lets loose a terribly loud roar and leaves Garen traumatized as he is thrusted into the air! Trying to break loose of the spikes now thrust into his armor. Cho'gath leads the assault of minions towards the Demacian stranded underneath Turret fire. "You foolish mortal! Bow to the Void!" Nom Nom Nom Garen sees nothing but complete darkness and is teleported back to his champion platform.

"That was foolish of me to try, My Summoner!"

"Yea sorry Garen. It seems my Summoning Orb has a small crack in it."

"It's okay my friend! Let us end this monster!" Garen is revived at the platform and charges with a now, larger sword.

"Right!" says the now confident Summoner.

"Ha! You can not win Sim! Cho'gath is too overpowered! You will bow to the Void!" the air cracks and the orbs start to shake.

"What are you doing, Rowen??"

Soon you shall see
A dark voice beckons.

The minions push towards Sim's second tower and destroy it before it can launch another wave. "Demacia!!" The fearless warrior spins his sword and kills every minion in his path. "Now is the time for Redemption! Let us press on Summoner Simeon and end this!"

"Time to destroy the Institute of War and take back what is ours! Go Terror of the Void! Destroy This Pest!"

"What are you saying!? Have you gone completely mad!"

Garen and Cho'gath crash! Sword and Jaws clash together! The area has been torn apart by spikes and the Two champions tear each other apart. Cho'gath goes to clench down on Garen but He runs around the giants grasp.
Garen crashes down with Fiery passion onto the beast from behind!

-Cho'gath Has Been Slain-

"Woot! Told you I'd be victorious!"

"Dont be so cocky, boy.."

-Garen Has Been Slain-

"What!!" Sim now standing on his feet in rage and confusion.

Cho'gath rampages on where Garen used to stand. Using the remnants of his foe as a toothpick.

Nom Nom Nom


"I lost? But how?"

"Haha. Revive and teleport did their job. And now it is time to destroy you and this wretched place that holds that which is mine!"

"What?! No! what are you doing!"

Rowen drops to his knees in agony, shrilling in pain! The air becomes dark and humid. The light starts to dim and flicker, as the wind rages through the chambers. The lights come on once again but only for a brief moment.

Time enough to see the horror that now stood in front of Simeon. He arose out of the darkness and from the soul of the boy, now lying motionless.

"Free at last.."

"Y-Y-Your.. *Slice*

Sim falls to his knees and drops to the floor without a further sound.

"I grow tired of talk! It is time My King. Arise from your slumber!!"

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-Chapter 2-

"At last I have found it! The Archive of Abyssal Souls is mine once again!"

"Ah.. Malzahar, breaking out of shackles again are we?"

"Vladimir.. How is it that you have found this room?"

"My Chains and these walls are nothing. As for you, I enjoy a challenge." Vladimir reaches out and throws a small red beam towards Malzahar, who dodges with ease.

Darkness arises from the cloaks of Malzahar's being and the runes on his hood begin to glow. "Do not cross me Hemomancer!"

A dark shroud envelops Vladimir and a voidling appears out of the Abyss. Vladimir quickly turns inside out and becomes a pool of bright red blood, devouring the small void creature. Reappearing, Vlad quickly takes action against the Prophet siphoning life energy from him.

A duel to the death commences and the seismic pressure around their battle starts to shake the ground and crack the walls. *BOOM* The East wall blows inward from the repercussion and sonic waves. The Prophets mighty spells leave the place in rubble. Vlad is left under the piles stone. Malzahar quickly makes his escape and as Vlad reappears on top, filled with vengeance. "I will see you on the Field, Prophet." Vlad smiles and then vanishes through the floor.

~ Meanwhile In Piltover~

"Ha! You will not get away this time, you little rascal!"

"Drop the bread and just run for it!"

"Oh no you don't Yordle!"

*SNAP* A trap sets off and captures the little yordle in its retreat. As he starts to shake and quiver in the trap he is let free and kicked off into the woods by a strong boot. "Dang trouble makers stealing bread from a merchant.. it never ends."

"Thank you Sheriff! I thought that little guy would get away with my goods for sure!"

"Ha! Not while I'm kickin ass and taking names!"

"Thanks again Sheriff Caitlyn!"

Caitlyn struts away proud of her duty as Sheriff of Piltover. Caitlyn heads over to a shop nearby that looks like an abandoned warehouse. *KNOCK* *KNOCK* "Anyone here?" yells the Sheriff.

"Come on in Caitlyn, I see you have another broken trap for me to handle."

"Yes. Another yordle causing trouble."

"OH! I'm sure that the little guy didn't know any better."

"Yes, well I am quite aware of that Teemo is not around anymore to tell them otherwise."

"Caitlyn, you must be more patient. Teemo is off fighting in the League at the moment. He will back quite soon I can assure you!

"I hope you are right Heimerdinger. How long will you be in town?"

Seeming to struggle to find a wrench Heimerdinger starts to sigh. "Well just until I can make a trip to Demacia. Blitzcrank needs some special grease for his right rocket arm.

Handing him a wrench she found on the bench in the corner. "Aw, Well I hope you can stay longer next time. You are a great help to the citizens of Piltover."

*SNAP* "All set and ready to trap. Now I must start packing good-bye Sheriff!"

As she makes her way out of the shop, she can see a very ominous looking cloud in the sky. "What in Runeterra is that??"

~ Same Time In Noxus~

The flowers bloom on the edge of the Bog near the city. Twitch is near the flowers taking a bath in the toxic waste.

"Twitch! That is disgusting! You do know what is in there, right?"

"Mmm.. Rotten Cheese, old trash. All of looks so tasty."

"You are repulsing, you know that right?" Twitch gets up out of the waste with a smirk on his face, then fades into thin air but the foul stench follows him as he makes his exit through the nearby bog.

The sun starts to rise into the center of the sky. Clouds start to swirl ahead and blackness fills the air. The trees become dark and evil. "Aw. A beautiful day in Noxus. Never seen the black clouds though, it's a nice touch."

"Cassiopeia, what is that? I have never seen such a black cloud in the sky."

"Like I care Urgot."

"Grouchy snake. Did someone get a whiff of Singed's Insanity Potion today?"

"Oh please, go kidnap more helpless children you stinky crab."

"Stinky Crab? Grrr."A poisonous barrage hits the ground near the serpents tail. Green smoke fills the air and a dagger pierces her hide.

Cassiopeia turns around as quick as a viper and strikes down the crab-like monster. Her eyes meet his and a bright flash is emitted Turning him into a stone statue with a terrified look upon his face. "Wow. An improvement.."

"Although. I am curious about that cloud. It's blocking the sun, and it seems to be growing.."

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Saving This Spot

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